Body-Composition Analyzer (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis; BIA)[INQ. NO. 2006E10] InBody Co. Ltd. (“InBody”) is a global healthcare company and is internationally recognized as creator of the standard machine for body-composition analysis. Over the years, InBody has consistently grown at over 20% each year, and as a result, InBody is now widely used in hospitals and fitness centers.
Headquartered in South Korea, InBody has seven wholly owned subsidiaries across the globe — the USA, Japan, Netherlands, China, Malaysia, India, and Mexico. Every day, millions of people across 100 countries use InBody’s products and services for a better quality of life.
InBody uses a combination of low and high frequencies to determine extracellular, intracellular, and total body water. The use of multiple frequencies allows InBody devices to achieve a high level of precision.
Using the structural features of the human body, InBody created ‘Eight-point tactile electrodes with thumb electrode.’ This allowed InBody to consistently start the measurement at the same location to provide reproducible results.
Direct Segmental Measurement-BIA (DSM-BIA) regards the human body as composed of five cylinders: left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg, and right leg. InBody independently measures each cylinder separately to provide accurate measurements for the entire body.
InBody measures body composition without relying on empirical assumptions such as age, and gender to produce accurate and precise results that are validated using gold standard methods.

New standard for high-end InBody
The InBody 970 has further developed BIA body composition by using patented technology to analyze abdominal fat and total body water. The amount and type of abdominal fat that an individual carries is a key health indicator that is difficult to measure. The InBody 970 aims to provide quick and accurate assessments for all individuals; paired with the Yscope, the InBody 970 gives an in-depth abdominal fat analysis within 90 seconds.
By measuring each body segment at 3MHz, the InBody 970 can provides pages of in-depth analysis of extracellular and intracellular water. This depth of body water analysis can be used to identify undiagnosed chronic conditions, target inflammation, and tailor treatments. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Third-generation Smart Band ‘InBody Band 2’[INQ. NO. 1802E04] InBody Band 2, which can be called a third-generation smart band, is the second smart band product of InBody which has become a leader in body composition analysis. This product can be used for various purposes as the product has basic body walking / sleep analysis / notification functions like other smart bands as well as being able to perform body composition tests.
InBody Band 2 has features that are inherently different from second-generation smart bands which typically only measure heart rates, function as a pedometer, and receive smartphone alerts. This device also records and shows including information such as body fat, muscle mass, burned calories and easy training and walking distances.
The device is not only compatible with both Android phones and the iPhone, but also reduces the burden of carrying it due to its small size and light weight.
So, unlike ordinary smart watches or smart bands, its users can sleep with InBody Band 2 so it can be called a smart product that can systematically measure and record sleep time, calorie consumption, and physical changes.
InBody Band 2 can store data for two weeks. It is possible to view changes at a glance by storing and recording data longer through an interworking function.
The product also has a waterproof level of IP68, so it can be worn virtually 24 hours a day because it can withstand swimming or water sports among others.
InBody Band 2 is not only different from most products that need to be recharged every day, but can also be used as a fashion accessory thanks to its high degree of perfection. This device can also replace expensive body fat measurement equipment.

InBody Band 2 is capable of recording and managing very detailed information, to the extent that it can be called a product for professionals. Just by inputting his or her weight, the user can find out his or her muscle mass, body fat, body fat percentages, BMI index and even hear the result interpretation.
In other words, rather than just checking current physical conditions through numbers, its users can be coached based on figures about their physical conditions, exercising or eating habits.
These figures can also be viewed at a glance based on the recent records through the change graphs, and they can be compared with their friends’ records to look at the rankings.
In addition, users can check how much they walked with InBody Band 2. They can collect smart records as InBody Band 2 enables them to record calorie consumption and various exercises such as bench presses, kettlebell swings, shoulder presses, crunches and lunges among others through easy training in a smart way.
In addition, InBody Band is an excellent smart band that measures all moments from rising to going to bed and properly grasps body conditions as the device offers explanations about sleeping based on the results of sleeping in addition to the quality of sleep, deep sleep, tossing and turning, and waking hours through sleep time. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods