Body Dryer

[INQ. NO. 2010E18] Shinsung Deltatech’s new-concept body dryer OZ WIND is a product that dries your body with fresh and clean wind after a shower.
It is obvious that drying your body is as important as washing it for skin care.
The OZ WIND premium model weighs 8.5 kg and measures 434 x 499 x 180 mm.
It is a small size and convenient to use in bathrooms.
The dryer features a new-concept V-shaped main nozzle and a vertically rising whirlwind function based on scientific design. The nozzle and function were patented. The OZ WIND premium model not only dries your body but can be used as a scale. By using smartphone telecommunications, you can manage your BMI, body fat and muscle mass.

The product manages the condition of your body recorded every day for your health. In addition, its antibacterial feature not only eliminates 99.99% of bacteria but takes care of feet with infrared LEDs.
In addition, its touch display makes it convenient to use the product. Another merit is that it has six filters including an intake filter and an exhaust filter. The filters block harmful dust so the dryer generates clean wind to dry your body.
Body dryer OZ WIND will work wonderfully for those who frequently take showers, suffer from sensitive skin problems, pregnant women, senior citizens, and persons with athlete’s foot or eczema.
The power consumption is 400 watts of natural wind and 1,200 watts of warm air, which consumes less power than a hair dryer. The low consumption strategy and the reduced use of towels are reasons why the body dryer Ozwind is an eco-friendly product. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Dryer Towel Machine Co., Ltd., established in 1989, has manufactured and sold the hand dryer and various commodities needed in the toilet for the last 30 years, leading the toilet culture for improving the quality of life in the 21st century. Based on the high level of awareness in the domestic market and the know-how accumulated for the last 30 years, the company is manufacturing and selling various high-quality commodities according to the customers’ requirements. It has obtained CE Mark, Carbon Reduction Certification, ISO Certification, and the electrical appliances certification as well, providing safer and more reliable products.


Blade Hand Dyer

The company’s new product HTM-338, a blade hand dryer, is made with many functions and has a sleek design. As the power of this product is stronger than that of the existing hand dryers, 5~7 seconds are more than enough for you to dry your hands. In order to accentuate the hygiene aspect, the sensor activates when a person approaches and the UV LED inside the appliance is turned on, disinfecting the interior. Therefore, this product performs automatic disinfection of the interior and generates not the usual wind, but the plasma clean wind which removes bad smell and disinfects the interior as well. As another function, this product has the self-checking system enabling you to check the time for the replacement of the motor or the filter.
There is also a melody function. The melody can be adjusted in volume, so you can turn it off if you do not want to use it. The melody can be set to play out immediately or 1 to 5 minutes later after using this product. The wind strength is adjustable from stage 1 to 6 and can be adjusted to suit your position. The company has applied the triple safety device (thermal fuse, overcurrent fuse, and the device of automatic stopping for one minute) for you to use the product safely. Unlike the existing products, the nozzle is built-in and the wind is not scattered when using this dryer.


Hair & Body Dryer

Hair & Body Dryer is htm’s new product of 2017 with which you can dry your hair and body at the same time in the bathroom after taking a shower. With the plasma function added, this product generates the anion wind when you dry your hair and body, it dries your hair without damaging it, and it eliminates smell and humidity in the bathroom, as well as purifying the air. In addition, as it is also equipped with a timer function, you can warm the bathroom by setting the timer in advance, and you can operate the timer easily using the touch sensor and remote control.
The company is proceeding with the export of this product as well as selling in the domestic market. It has received a lot of attention by introducing our product in several exhibitions held in the European countries and in Asia, and the quality of this product has been duly recognized. In addition, HanKook Towel Machine plans to participate in the BIG 5 Exhibition which will be held in Dubai this November. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods