Body Shape Analyzer

[INQ. NO. 2205E09] GHiWell’s advanced GW3000GS body shape analyzer is a fully integrated database system with FSR pressure sensors & 3D LED Camera module.
This analyzer analyzes the user’s 3D dimensional postures with 3D body color. It measures all static pressure and dynamic gait analysis with the results of foot pressure, balance, gait pattern and gait movements from the device.
This allows a user to analyze 3D musculoskeletal conditions with the results of future predictions of the user’s posture.
Its all-in-one system allows one to measure foot pressure, gait analysis, posture analysis, 3D analysis and motion analysis with one device.
This product also can measure 3-Axis COP balance movement and COG motion analysis with a synchronized motion camera.
This product allows measuring of 3-Axis body line and colored body status, and shows the results of Lordosis, Kyphosis and Scoliosis. The built-in auto measurement system needs no marker for posture analysis.

Gait Analysis Treadmill
GHT2200 gait analysis treadmill is equipped with 6,144 pressure sensors and analysis camera on the rehabilitation treadmill.
GHT2200 is mainly popular for scientifically analyzing dynamic gait analysis, static pressure measurements and gait training with video for patients with musculoskeletal problems, rehabilitation for the elderly and abnormal movements of the central nervous system.
With minimum speed of 0.1km/h, GHT 2200 weighs 195kg(weight allowance of 180kg).
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