Camping Guard[INQ. NO. 1808E11] CPD GROUP recently released its latest camping guard called Cam.G. featuring a round and smart image. This product can display temperature, humidity, and carbon monoxide in digitalized values. It can transmit an alarm if temperature and carbon monoxide levels exceed a set value.
This product can display the change of the sensor after it is activated graphically. It can transmit an alarm sound in case of detecting intrusion. It can also display the rechargeable battery level and switches the screen display and power saving mode when charging time arrives. It can adjust the brightness of the guide light and adjust the volume of alarm sound, also sounding an emergency alarm in case of an emergency.
The company’s president explained, “When camping or traveling, it would be very convenient for you to carry this wherever you feel the need for safety and detection of intrusion, carbon monoxide, etc. with LEDs, emergency bell, and humidity control.

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