Ceramic Magnetic Materials & Electronic Parts


[INQ. NO. 2209E03] TODA ISU manufactures ferrite in the forms of ferrite powder and ferrite core, such as the super low power loss at high frequency (500kHz~1MHz) and the super low power loss at wide temperature ferrite for automobiles and the garnet ferrite of high dielectric constant used for telecommunication repeaters.

TODA ISU manufactures and distributes the SMD inductors, including the high current, highefficiency inductor for 48V DC-DC converter for electric vehicles, and the high permeable inductor that reduced resistance and minimized heat emissions.

EMC filters
TODA ISU satisfies the demands of eco-friendly energy companies through supplying the EMC filter used as an electricity adjustment/conversion device in the areas of photovoltaic and renewable energy.

TODA ISU also manufactures power-supply devices in the range of 10W~1.6KW that are used for telecommunication and medical devices by using its own magnetic material and inductor.

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Ceramic Mesh


[INQ. NO. 2209E02] Nano Pore Ceramic Co., Ltd. was established in Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do near Seoul as a branch of the KICET (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology) in February 2021.

The business goal of Nano Pore Ceramic is to replace the current metal mesh type in which MLCC manufacturers place nickel mesh on the ceramic jig and sinter it after placing the Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) chips on the top of the jig.

World’s First Ceramic Mesh
The ceramic mesh (150 x154 x 1mm) that has been recently developed for the first time in the world is 1mm in thickness and 0.8mm and 0.2mm of the upper and lower pore sizes respectively, making it possible to handle 0603 and 0402 MLCCs.

In particular, the nano-pore ceramic can be stably mass-produced by using the ceramic injection method, satisfying customers’ needs. Major MLCC makers are located in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Furthermore, the small-sized product (47x47x1mm) of which the outer edges are raised to prevent materials from flowing out can be used to replace sagger and crucible ones.

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