Image Pointer (XPG300Y)

[INQ. NO. 2106E14] The premium wireless presenter model XPG300Y recently released by ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd., which developed the world’s first wireless presenter model X-Pointer, is a hybrid pointer that supports both image pointer mode and premium green laser mode.
Unlike the common laser pointers that cannot be used in LCD monitors, XPG 300Y pointer is available for use in all kinds of screens including LCD monitors. With no separate installation of program, XPG 300Y can be used as a presenter in all screens including LCD screens. Any presenter can operate the same functions as with the existing mouse such as drag & drop, double click, etc. in the very place where they are standing.
Using the exclusive software for image pointer enables the more powerful display of presentation functions. The operator can set up the pointer image of what they wish to display and utilize such various functions as the expansion and emphasis of the essential part in their live presentations.

Image Pointer (XPG300Y) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Smart Electronic Thermometer Disposable Patch-Type Thermosafer (XST400)

[INQ. NO. 2106E13] ChoisTechnology’s Thermosafer, a wireless thermometer that is compatible with smartphones with the Bluetooth function, is capturing attention among global buyers again- in a situation where the COVID 19 is still spreading globally with keen attention being paid to respiratory diseases and identification of fever symptoms.
Thermosafer is a wireless thermometer that can monitor the status of body temperature on a real-time basis through Bluetooth-connection with smartphones. Through this exclusive application, Thermosafer enables the user to set the high-temperature & low-temperature alarm and to confirm the dosing time and the graph of body temperature change.
ChoisTechnology’s XST400, a newly released disposable patch-type wireless thermometer, comes in two models depending on the period of using time – a model having three days of using time and a model that can be used for two weeks of COVID 19’s incubation period.

Smart Electronic Thermometer Disposable Patch-Type Thermosafer (XST400)

As XST400 is designed as a silicon patch type – a product that provides a low-stimulus to the skin, users can conveniently attach it to certain parts of their bodies and of their babies. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods