Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters the Best Heating Technology Solution

[INQ. NO. 2006E04] Kiturami Co., Ltd., founded in 1962, has 50 years’ experience as professional boiler manufacturer and leads the Korean boiler industry by developing eco-friendly boiler technology with high-efficiency for our customers’ better experience.
In December 2018, Kiturami Group pursued its mission to develop future new technologies by building new “Kiturami Air Conditioning and Heating Technology Institute,” with three basement floors and 11 ground floors on 9,900 square meters property in Seoul, Korea. Eight research institutes and more than 300 R&D-related researchers from major affiliates of heating and air conditioning areas, including Kiturami Co., Ltd., Kiturami Bumyang Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Shinsung Engineering Co., Ltd. and Century Co., Ltd., are showing its best efforts at this location to maximize customers’ satisfaction with its diverse product range.
The main export products of Kiturami Boiler are high-efficiency, eco-friendly condensing boilers and water heaters. This range of products assured customers of its quality and safety as shown by acquiring various international certifications such as KS, ASME, CE, CCC and EAC from Korea, the United States, Europe, China and Russia.
In particular, Kiturami Boiler has excellent thermal efficiency which can be achieved by applying the patented stainless steel hi-fin pipe solution. We reduced air pollutant emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO) by metal fiber low-NOx burner to satisfy all of the eco-friendly standards required by countries worldwide.

The safety system including earthquake detector and a gas leakage detector is applied and the system turns off boilers automatically itself in order to protect users from an earthquake with higher than 4.0 magnitude, or any possible gas leak.
IoT-linked technology application can enable one to check and control boiler status from the outside with a smartphone. Single Kiturami IoT indoor thermostat can link up to four mobile devices to provide a better boiler experience. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods