Industrial Cables

[INQ. NO. 2104E15] Kumhwa Cable Co. Ltd. took on a new challenge in 1990. The products of Kumhwa Cable, which are now recognized all over the world, are based on an excellent-quality environmental system and product patent certificates including bare wire, overhead cable, insulated wire, power cable, fire protection cable, control cable and rubber insulated cable.
Currently, its products are being exported to Myanmar, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, etc.

Control Cables
Kumhwa Cable’s control cable is used in the control circuit under 0.6/1kV of power plants, substations, etc. This cable prevents distortion of the signal caused by induced voltages generated from other power lines, and it is highly flexible. Among the control cables are: Cu/PVC/SB/PVC, etc. They use 0.6/1kV and have from two to 30 in cores.

Control Cables

Underground Power Cables
Kumhwa Cable’s underground power cable is adopted for power distribution lines, having excellent electrical, physical and chemical characteristics. The underground power cables manufactured by the company include Cu/XLPE/A(S)WA/PVC, etc. The voltage range they need ranges from 1kV to 36kV. They have core of from 1 to 4.

Underground Power Cables

Overhead Power Line Cables
This overhead power line cable is manufactured to be used for overhead distribution lines on poles and steel towers. Among these kinds of cables are: ACSR/AW-OC, AL/XLPE/XLPE(SAC, Spaced Aerial Cable). They consume voltage of from 12kV to 36kV.
Kumhwa Cable has been working on R&D and continued quality improvements to meet the needs of its clients, and is conducting thorough inspections to produce and supply safe products.
Kumhwa Cable is committed to developing professional human resources and continuing to adopt advanced technologies to become a professional company that can compete proudly with companies around the world.

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