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Based on patented Dim2Amber technology
[INQ. NO. 2108E07] BAENUE is a new premium desk lamp that provides high-quality color varying light that dims down to amber color based on patented Dim2Amber technology.
With a simple and intuitive analog rotary knob, users can adjust light level and color at the same time over a very wide range (6000K to 1770K, 2000lx to 5lx). Optical shift function allows easy setting of the light to the desired working area with the use of orange adjustment stick near the lamp head.
The sunset sleep timer button creates 20, 40 or 60 minutes of relaxing light that slowly dims down to 0lx while gradually changing to amber color, simulating natural sunset.
The lamp features high fidelity light with high color rendering index over wide color spectrum (R1 to R15) with CRI of 90+ perfectly suited for professionals who need to see accurate colors.

Desk Lamp

Ergonomic design delivers light where it is needed without causing glare or interference. The lamp is thoughtfully designed considering desk sizes, eye levels and monitor heights.
Light spectrum varies as users dim down the light. At high brightness, the lamp provides light that has rich melanopic spectrum helping users to focus on their tasks. At low brightness, the lamp provides light with very low melanopic spectrum helping users relax well. The lamp covers unprecedented wide range of M/P ratio (melanopic to photopic ratio) of 1.0 to 0.12 delivering true human centric light.

Desk Lamp

Other features of the lamp include wireless and wired fast charging of mobile devices, automatic on/off function using presence sensor, and easy assembly without tools.
The attractive lamp, manufactured with aluminum, zinc and polycarbonate, weighs 2.8kg (Excluding 0.3kg of a separate power supply and cord). It has dimensions of L64 x W18 x H60cm.
This new lamp was developed by Dr. Jinwoo Bae, who is an industry expert on LED light sources with a Ph.D. degree from MIT.

Desk Lamp

The initial idea of the lamp was conceived to help his daughter who never turns off her desk lamp and his son who always leaves his desk lamp on when going to bed. His wife who is a designer with a BA from RISD also helped the development of the lamp.
Baelux Co., Ltd. is a specialist in custom LED modules, exporting one million LED modules per year to 11 countries including Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Austria.

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New concept desk lamp combined with LED with magnifier

[INQ. NO. 1411E18] Established in 2003, Enfren is a specialized company in the development and manufacturing of LED lightings and other LED-applied solutions, along with providing OEM/ODM services.

Enfren has developed various types of unique design-applied desk lamps including LED desk lamps and LED-applied products such as LED Gel dryer, etc. Enfren has noticeably succeeded in winning favorable reliability for its delivering competitive products, noticeably from overseas markets, with a total of 11 nations of productive export destinations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

desk-lamp has recently released a new brand of LED fixture called “Magnifier EF-200”, a functionally combined product of magnifier and LED lighting. With the super-sized aspheric multifocal lens, it is possible for users to use it clearly for a long period without distortion regardless of view angles, and it is very effective in eye protection and reducing fatigue. It is useful for the elderly who find it difficult to read books or the Bible with declining eyesight or people working with small letters or plans. This product complements eyesight and prevents its decline.

The LED bulb lasts for up to 40,000 hours, five-times longer than a fluorescent bulb. The electric consumption (5W) is much lower than that of the existing typical lighting fixtures. And to allow users to freely adjust the height, angle and direction of the lamp, a flexible spring tube for the advanced model is especially applied. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods