Sonic Scalp Massager

[INQ. NO. 2209E20] Drspa sonic scalp massager is a new concept sound wave hair & scalp massage management device that is made by applying patented acoustic vibration technology.

Nineteen silicone bumps generate sound waves for clean and efficient cleansing. It has the effect of using a hair clinic with sound waves, and it can easily penetrate nutrients into the scalp pores and cleanse more effectively than hand shampoo because it implements various frequencies and generates acoustic pressure with straightforward longitudinal waves.

The scalp massage head, silicone brush head, and ball head are three replaceable head configurations that allow the tip to be replaced to suit the desired area and purpose, and the head replacement allows smooth massage of the face, neck, and body as well as the scalp. It is a waterproof device that has been rated IPX7 and can also be used in showers. It acquired certifications such as CE and KC.

By applying the face & cleansing mode, scalp & hair mode, and body massage mode, efficient massage and cleansing are possible with optimized frequency for each part. It supports three-stage control and Bluetooth function, making it an innovative massage that allows you to enjoy music that suits your personal taste.

Evosonics Co., Ltd. is a global healthcare company with acoustic vibration source technology that is beneficial to the human body.

Evosonics has developed the world’s first local vibration stimulation technology using “sound (sound wave)” that is beneficial to the human body. Based on more than 10 years of work experience in the field of speaker and sound wave vibration, Evosonics has developed the technology that is safer than any normal physical stimuli (motor vibration etc.) with no side effects.

The company’s patented core technology, sound wave vibration, is a non-invasive neurofeedback activation technology optimized for human mind control, as well as activating aging or degenerated cells and tissues in the human body.

Using this sound wave technology, Evosonics is actively developing and researching products for beauty, sleep, sports, haptic, medical (such as peripheral neuropathy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.) by applying sound waves to cleansing device, pillows, chairs, beds, seat cushions, medical devices. And Evosonics has delivered products to Korea’s HUTECH industry, Japan’s Dream Factory (Dr. Air), and veterans’ hospitals in the United States. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods