IP cameras

[Serial No. 2012-B-196] Sunin Unitech is now actively supplying CCTV products to many global companies with form of OEM since 2004. All of its products are being produced under ISO9001, CE and FCC. All products are being basically manufactured by its own R&D and it attained several patent products.

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Sunin Unitech’s major products include IP camera, NVR, DVR camera, digital wireless transmitter, etc. And recently, the maker released its HD wireless transmitter, HUTem Cam(Built-in Humidity and temperature sensor) and Talk Cam, etc. Sunin Unitech’s IP cameras support FHD (Full HD) resolution with 30FPS and POE, ONVIF and SD card slot ensuring incomparable quality of security service at any time.

IP-camera With the high-quality IP cameras(30fps and 60fps), Sunin Unitech’s recent developed NVR (64CH) equipped with IVS(Intelligent Video Analytic System) which supply high-end video security such as line counting, camera tampering, crowd detection, detect Face, detect Intrusion, detect left /removed object, detect loitering, etc.

With the highly competitive items, Sunin Unitec keeps its strong market leadership mostly in countries of Japan, Vietnam, Colombia, Spain, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Empowered by recognition from such areas, Sunin Unitec is further determined to pioneering such emerging areas as the U.A.E, Indonesia, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.

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