Network Security Switch was founded in 2000 as a global network security specialist, leading the next generation of network security based on its differentiated security technologies. HanDreamnet provides integrated network security solutions that enable users to reliably use network services by detecting and blocking security threats facing internal networks.
SG Security Switch developed by HanDreamnet for the first time in the world in 2007 prevents network failures by automatically detecting and blocking abnormal traffic from network terminals (PCs, notebooks, smartphones, etc.). VIPM, developed in 2009, strengthens internal network security as a solution for integrated network management by controlling the status of access to internal terminals and unauthorized users.
SG Security Switch can detect and block all harmful traffic generated at the user level by combining a security function with general L2/L3 switches used in internal network configuration. The switch, which is equipped with a selfdeveloped MDS engine developed by HanDreamnet, analyzes all user traffic and automatically blocks harmful traffic when it occurs, preventing the internal spread of harmful traffic, preventing network accidents in advance and enhancing internal security. Even when a security function is performed, performance does not deteriorate, thus guaranteeing a stable network service. Network status and
user traffic monitoring, harmful traffic analysis, and switch configuration management are available through bundled network monitoring software ‘VNM (visual node manager),’ making network operation easier and more convenient.
HanDreamnet’s VIPM (Visual IP Manager) is an integrated IP management solution designed to enable real-time monitoring and control of unauthorized users of IPs and MACs detected by the switch in conjunction with SG Security Switch. VIPM can efficiently manage networks such as user terminal management, network access control and user traffic control without the Probe system (a system used to collect IP addresses), and can replace all NMS/NAC/IP management solutions. Thus, VIPM cuts down on installation and maintenance costs. In addition, by integrating network security with other security solutions such as UTM, Firewall and so on, users can achieve stronger network security.

Expanding Global Territories through Enlarging Overseas Partnership

HanDreamnet has grown steadily with the establishment of a branch in Japan in 2008, exceeding one million dollars in exports to Japan, and the incorporation of a branch in Japan in 2011. Based on its experience in making a foray into the Japanese market, HanDreamnet entered the Southeast Asian market in 2013 and entered into a partnership agreement with 10 companies in six countries. The company is expanding its partnership with 60 companies including the USA and Mexico/Hungary. In order to vitalize the Southeast Asian market, HanDreamnet is focusing on marketing and sales activities by opening a sales representative office in Vietnam in 2017. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods