Eye Exercises Wearable

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryIZON, a manufacturer and developer of Eye Exercises Wearable, was established in 2002 to help maintain and improve eyesight through eye exercisers. Professional staffs have developed expertise in eye exercise for over 30 years. IZON’s products have received certifications, such as ISO9001, KC, CE, FCC, C-TICK, and are registered as Class 1 of FDA.
Technology of IZON’s product has been proven by some awards, such as the alternative medicine gold medal from the USA, Russia, China, Poland, Taiwan, silver medal from Switz erland Geneva International Invention Salon, the grand award from Canada International Invention Innovation Competition, the grand award from Malaysia invention show (Pecipta), the grand award for Korea Customer Satisfaction Brand and Innovation Brand Award for Hi-Seoul Good Product Award.


Eyesight Recovery Apparatus

The Eyesight Recovery Apparatus was invented to help improve people’s eyes or for maintaining eyesight and massaging around the eye to relieve eye fatigue to ensure the health of the eye. The first function is the Eyeball Training Mechanism that operates according to the monocular independence. The second function is the training mechanism of the ciliary muscle (accommodation muscle of crystalline lens), and the external ocular muscle (rectus muscle and oblique muscle outside of eyeball) by adjusting the teres muscle. The third function is the Training Mechanism of the iris by adjusting the brightness function. The last function is the chiropractic vibration function for acupoints.
One’s eyesight can be improved or maintained by this apparatus.
Furthermore, it is much better (more than 100%) than other existing solutions because most of the other existing solutions,such as eyeglasses and an operation, have some side effects. But this apparatus, totally different to other existing solutions, makes the most of the natural abilities of the eyes. Therefore its usage does not have any side effects.

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