Digital Transformation Solutions

ICE (Digital Experience Platform)
[INQ. NO. 2112E23] ICE is I-ON’s DXP model and next-gen CMS, which empowers the management of customers’ digital experience. In particular, it collects and analyzes customer data from e-Commerce services to efficiently manage customer journeys and provides optimized communications and content from channels to customer contact points.
This provides a differentiated digital experience to customers through interactions and a significant increase in customer loyalty to e-Commerce service providers.

 (Digital Experience Platform)

Flexer (Sports Data Sharing Platform)
Flexer is a video- and data-sharing platform for youth and amateur sports. Users can create and participate in games or events on the platform, and post and share their pre-shot sports videos.
The system extracts various sports data (statistics) from the uploaded video and visualizes the processed data to players and coaches, thus enabling them to improve their sporting performance. Also, Flexer provides video and objective data to evaluate the potential of players to scouts.

Flexer (Sports Data Sharing Platform)

WIDSIGN (Electronic Signature Solution)
WIDSIGN is an electronic signature solution where the users can easily and conveniently sign and transmit electronic documents anytime, anywhere. It is a service that enables users to effortlessly exchange documents via e-mail and sign onto various smart devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs by implementing the signature procedure that used to be done directly on paper.

WIDSIGN (Electronic Signature Solution)

Contact Editor & Share (Contact Management Solution)
Contact Editor & Share is I-ON’s contact management solution. Many contacts, which were difficult to manage on a mobile phone, can be edited and managed quickly and easily in the form of spreadsheets.
In particular, a large number of contacts can be edited and deleted at once by Contact Editor, and contact sharing can be done effectively between individuals, departments, and institutions with Contact Share.

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