Foldable Studio & Smart Turntable Korea Inc. is a company, designing and manufacturing photo- and video-related devices that any non-expert people can use easily by reinterpreting previous shooting difficult for the public to access from a new perspective.
ORANGEMONKIE Korea successfully competed various projects through crowd function service and quick starter since 2013. Its products are currently being exported to and sold in many countries. ORANGEMONKIE Korea is constantly developing new products and trying to raise awareness of the brands, Orangemonkie and Foldio, as we participate in photo- and video-related exhibitions held in different countries.


Foldable Studio (Foldio)

Foldio is an all-in-one studio equipped with lighting. With a magnetic structure folded like a folder, it is designed so that anyone can easily set it up and use it at home. Its greatest advantages include its accessibility that can be used within 10 seconds if there is a smartphone and availability of high-quality shooting. At present, there are over 50,000 users of Foldio worldwide.
It is mainly used by online sellers or bloggers since nonphoto experts can take high-quality photos easily without any additional special equipment. At present, three types of product series by size are being sold. We are coming up with various developments by improving functions and performance to keep the image as a mini studio specialized brand. We provide A/S also.


Smart Turntable (Foldio360)

Foldio 360 is a smart turntable product that can take the 360-degree image of a product by being connected to an exclusive smartphone application via Bluetooth. Previously, expensive shooting equipment and professional knowledge were required to take a 360-degree image so it was difficult for non-experts to shoot and access.
With Foldio360 Smart Turntable, a nice 360-degree image can be created with a smartphone only without expert knowledge. As a user can shoot with a DSLR camera, a higher quality photo can be taken. A user can create contents with new feelings different from the previous section image by uploading a 360-degree image taken using the Foldio360 Smart Turntable on one’s blog, online store, forum, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods