Underground Parking Lot LED Lighting

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1709E03] As a specialized company in underground parking lot LED lighting, DLING is developing new products with better qualities. With the launching of Varkyri, its product brand has acquired a high efficiency certificate for the first time in Korea.
As always, by prioritizing the quality for customer satisfaction, DLING wants to be a leading innovator in the highly-specialized LED lighting market. Since its establishment in September, 2010, DLING has been doing R&D continuously in the field of LED lighting for excellent products and has been growing with excellent companies in Korea, such as Daewoo Shipbuilding, LG Display, Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc.
Underground parking lot LED lighting of DLING has received the high efficiency certificate for the first time, and comes with stylish design and excellent radiation effect. As for its products, they are safety certified products and high efficiency energy equipment products. Also, the products contain features with both a flicker free function and a dimming function. The diversification of underground parking lot LED lighting is on-going, and new products are being developed continuously.


Underground parking lot LED lights are used at department stores, buildings, apartments, public parking lots and even airports. They could be used as security lights at pensions, country houses and schools.


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