Sonic Wave Therapy System “Sonix”[INQ. NO. 1802E14] Sonic World’s sonic wave therapy system “Sonix” is gaining in popularity as a full-body exercise machine. Sonix generates sound wave vibrations of the 3Hz to 50Hz band by using Sonic World’s electromagnetic technology and the principle of speakers. If current products create composite vibrations by quickly rotating motors, Sonix generates and delivers low-frequency precise sonic waves to the human body.
Optimized for the principle of vibrations, Sonix empowers its users to perform full-body exercises and intensive part-by-part exercises in an upright position, making it ideal for busy modern people who cannot afford to exercise. Particularly, Sonix is popular because it can perform aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise simultaneously in a limited small space.
Another characteristic of Sonix is that people can use Sonix regardless of their ages as the device does not damage joints or ligaments. The adjustment of frequencies and intensity according to physical characteristics and conditions of users enables them to use customized exercise programs. Sonix can be used for a wide array of purposes such as health care, beauty care, medical effects, and professional sports.
Non-arbitrary sonic wave exercise can further increase maximum strength over 30% if combined with existing weight training. This method can shorten training time 85% and prevent injuries that may occur during exercises. Sonix also induces rapid stretching effects and recovery from muscle fatigue and finally optimized exercise effects by stimulating fine muscles that are not easy to exercise.
The effects of sound wave full-body exercise include the enhancement of muscular strength, an increase in bone density, the expansion of growth hormones, an improvement in blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, an improvement in posture and a sense of proportion and beneficial effects can be expected in all areas of the health industry for the elderly, patients, the disabled, and the injured among others.
Currently, the sound wave vibration device has spread worldwide, mainly in developed countries such as the United States and those in Europe, and is widely used in various sports clubs, fitness centers, and medical centers and by professional athletes.
Its design is also an eye-catching point. Sonix boasts a modern and simple design to which the 21st century’s cutting-edge design was applied. The design mixes well with home interiors. The produce features grouped digital control and display for easy operation of various functions and its touch method improved convenience. In addition, its appearance became slimmer, the plate is lowered for stronger safety and its compact design dramatically prunes weight, making it easy to move and install.
“Although various types of full-body exercise equipment have been launched lately, Sonix induces a recovery by stimulating fine muscles that are not easy to exercise as well as large muscles,” a Sonic World official explains. “In addition to whole bodies, Sonix will provide optimal exercise effects that you have never experienced before by stimulating tissue cells.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

X-Ray Grid, Core Part of the X-Ray System[INQ. NO. 1802E05] X-ray Grid is the flagship product of JPI Healthcare. X-ray scattering occurs when an X-ray for medical diagnosis passes through the human body. X-ray Grid absorbs the scattered rays and passes other X-rays and delivers them to a film or detector and makes patient diagnoses accurate and easy. In the case of X-rays, X-ray Grid is an integral part of X-ray equipment because X-rays generates a lot of scattered rays while passing through a subject with a thickness of 10 cm or more.
JPI Healthcare has continuously developed a cutting-edge grid to keep pace with the rapidly changing era of digital medical devices. In addition, the company is making a special grid optimized for the newly emerging breast cancer diagnostic X-ray sector through a new manufacturing method and already successfully developed a grid that befits next-generation 3D X-ray diagnostic equipment in this sector. JPI Healthcare is a Korean export-leading manufacturing company that has been recognized for its know-how and quality accumulated for about 30 years in the field of grid components. In particular, JPI Healthcare’s technological prowess has been well recognized to the extent that global leaders such as GE Healthcare and Siemens are using its grid parts.
JPI Healthcare is more than an X-ray component and equipment company; it is your imaging solution provider. Since 1980, JPI has contributed to the improvement of the quality of healthcare, and continues to develop new technologies that advance the ever-changing field of radiology. JPI works closely with X-ray equipment manufacturers to enhance image quality, ensuring early intervention through proper diagnosis.
JPI’s core competency is its ever diligent R&D team and commitment to manufacturing superior products and components. JPI Healthcare is confident in both its conventional as well as digital X-ray product lines. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods