Integrated Hospital Information Solutions Hospital Information Solution provides comprehensive and innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency, while helping improve patient care.
BIT Computer Co., Ltd. has been developing future-oriented solutbions that facilitate high-quality medical services and ensure efficient and accurate processes in various hospitals. BIT’s technology has marked a milestone in the healthcare industry and achieved the #1 market dominance in Korea.


CLEMR (Cloud-based EMR for Hospitals)

CLEMR is the first cloud-based EMR service in Korea provided by BIT computer. Without any installation of any device, you can establish a comfortable working environment with reasonable monthly rate. CLEMR has various functions that are necessary for different hospitals. Each hospital can optimize its own working environment by various options in CLEMR.


M Doumi (Hospital administration Support Service)

M Doumi is the patient guidance mobile application in hospitals for patients’ convenience. Patients can manage their entire processes through various functions including reservation, hospital guide, and aftercare.


bitnixSilver-P [EMR for Geriatric Hospitals]

bitnixSilver-P is a cloud-based EMR for geriatric hospitals. It is able to save various medical records including personal and sensitive ones in the cloud environment with high-level security algorithms. Customers shall implement the solution without initial payment. The solution supports the specialized interface for geriatric hospitals only. The architecture of the solution was designed to create patient tables easily based on various medical records.


BITCare Plus [Telemedicine System]

“BITCare Plus” is a telemedicine system to share visual data with medical centers and to treat patients from remote locations with medical devices such as electronic stethoscope, medical magnifying glass, and electrocardiograph. With this system, doctors can treat, write prescriptions and send various biological data for patients in isolated areas such as mountains and islands.


Medigent Pro [Insurance Claim Guidance Solution]

Medigent-Pro allows optimal amounts of insurance claims to be made by deducing the review adjustment details before the claims are made. It minimizes the hospital’s losses and helps enhance the efficiency of hospital management through various analyses after insurance claims are submitted.


BITCare(Smart Healthcare Service)

BITCare is the integrated smart healthcare service based on mobile applications and the health management platform helping users stay healthy by providing the solution of personal health management which analyzes users’ conditions and life styles on a daily basis.
Since the beginning with the first development of the medical-insurance-claim software, BIT Computer has been mainly focusing on the field of healthcare and moving forward in the same industry. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods