Integrated Authentication Solution[INQ. NO. 2001E07] An integrated authentication solution, ByFRONT is the best “policy-based authentication solution,” with perfect support for wired/wireless/terminal authentication, IP management, terminal management, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) policy–based IP mobility authentication architecture.
This integrates users of different terminal devices and terminal device information, and strengthens terminal device management and access control.
It checks the type of accessed terminal device (smartphone and laptop) and control network access. It identifies an office user and guest by user authority and control network access.
It identifies the type of terminal device without installing a separate application (agent).
This gathers information, such as user information, terminal device type, MAC address, etc., and provides integrated management. It provides accurate network user specific information provision function to smart firewall, PMS, privacy policy solution, etc. This solution supports the close interworking between IP-based security including WIPS, integrated wired–wireless control system (WNMS), etc., and the management system.
AirCUVE has developed stable and strong products for customers with a strong MFA (additional authentication), integrated wired/wireless authentication, development of different OTP tokens, and registration to the FIDO authentication standard
AirCUVE is a small giant venture business with a share of over 60% in the domestic wireless security authentication market. This is a leading wireless network authentication and security solution company with 880 clients. Today, this company is able to work through mobile devices anytime, anywhere. In the age of smart work, AirCUVE aims to grow into the world’s top network authentication and security company by developing and providing stable and powerful security solutions.
AirCUVE aims to provide authentications for various infrastructures and working environments including wired–wireless network, smart mobile office, FMC, web server, financial transactions, VPN, VDI, web portal, etc., anytime. It will also devote its main efforts to introducing AirCUVE’s products not only to the domestic market but also to the global market.
Currently, the company is advancing rapidly into markets of Southeast Asia, Japan, China, and the USA, based on reference and product quality that is qualified in the domestic market. AirCUVE does not settle for the present and makes constant efforts to become a company that continues to prepare in order to challenge wider and newer markets. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods