IR illuminator

[Serial No. 2012-B-125]

Ever Since its foundation in 2004, Viva Korea has proved its superb capability of unveiling state-of-the-art security equipment while delivering these products to 34 nations worldwide the list of export partner countries is growing significantly every year. In spite of its comparatively short business history, Viva Korea has secured a full spectrum of security camera expertise including IP cameras and HD SDI cameras.

IR-illuminator In addition to its conventional version of CCTV cameras, Viva Korea has recently released topnotch IR illuminators and traffic monitoring equipment and supplied them to the Korean military, government and police facilities, thus enabling itself to lead the technological trend in this field in Korea in association with some competitive local makers to overcame its comparatively short business history compared with global competitors.

Applying high luminosity infrared LED unlike existing ones, the company’s IR illuminators can supply mega-pixel images and reduce the phenomenon of the subject being saturated by removing the phenomenon of excess light.

The employment of environmentally friendly material LED enables the decrease of hazardous materials generated in the process of manufacturing conventional versions of lamps. Such advantages of securing of semi-permanent lifespan and consumption of low-power are major attractive points among its many features. For the growing demand of innovative newer and better products from the global markets, further ceaseless creative experiments are under way.

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Dual Codec IP Cameras

Dual Codec IP Cameras


[INQ. NO. 1304E01] ICanTek is a leading maker of IP cameras in Korea. Especially, its comparatively recent flagship IP camera of “iCanView312” is on the top of the list to advance into the global market. The dual-codec IP camera is designed with an aim of enabling such various useful functions as IP68 approval, digital Flip and 360° endless Pan/Tilt, auto IR LED brightness control, tempered glass and IP + Hybrid. Consequently, all of such functions enable the model to be effectively utilized in any security environment.



Dual Codec IP Cameras1


It is effective both in indoor and outdoor environments.Its multiple simultaneous video streams of differentiated resolutions and frame rates ensure highest quality service, together with simultaneous connections. The IP + hybrid feature supports functions of both real and virtual keyboard controller by utilizing client software on the PC.

The virtual keyboard controller makes it possible for the client positioned remotely to fully control the speed of the dome camera, which used to be available only to the users of the keyboard controllers.

Another major IP camera  “iCanView340MP” is a dualcodec 1.3 megapixel one especially for outdoor environments.

To ensure the world’s top-level silent operation, it employs ultra-silent twin gear and slip ring. The model’s IP + hybrid feature also supports functions of both real and virtual keyboard controllers by utilizing client software on the PC. And also this model provides basic functions and features of the company’s iCanView family.



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