Application of the lighting one-stop service

[INQ. NO. 1410E02] The LED floodlight developed and manufactured by Departlight exceeds the limitation of only enabling cross-sectional floodlighting and to only part of the section, and is designed to floodlight the entire sections of the pillar by mounting in an up-down position into the circular shape.

Application-of-the-lighting-one-stop-service The entire structure is circular, but the lamp module is separated from the existing all-in-one type to a two-way home structure, which enables individual installation and exchange. If part of the LED module is damaged, only the damaged module can be exchanged, enabling reduction of maintenance costs and providing the ability to control the power and the lighting individually. The multi-layer method of super condensing lens and extended type lens are applied to control the angle of lighting.

Departlight specializes in LED lighting for landscape, indoor and outdoor lighting, and applies a lighting one-stop service of enabling from R&D to production and construction, which reduces costs, and improves efficiency. Through continuous efforts on R&D various products with high efficiency and long lifespan are developed to meet the requirements of the customers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods