Broadcasting monitors

[INQ. NO. 1412E02] TVLogic’s new model VFM-058W is the successor to its popular VFM-056WP viewfinder monitor and is designed for demanding compact monitoring. A 6”x4”x1” lightweight magnesium-alloy case houses a 5.5” native 1920×1080 LED backlit LCD display with a full complement of preferred features, including DSLR Scale, focus assist, HDMI / HD-SDI cross conversion, waveform/vector scope, Y level check, range error check various scan models, markers, audio level metering with speaker, and time code display.

Broadcasting-monitors TVLogic, designer and manufacturer of LCD and OLED high definition displays, recently presented two new field production monitors, two 24” broadcast models and two 4K displays at NAB 2014 that incorporate a host of innovative features for digital cinema and broadcast production.

TVLogic combined the latest in flat-panel technology with their advanced video processing designs to provide reference displays that meet the demanding requirements of broadcast, production, post-production, digital signage and multi-viewer applications. The 10 new models finally joined TVLogic’s multi-award winning range of professional video monitoring solutions. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Optical films

Established in 2002, MNtech has now become a global leader in the field of optical films for LCD display through advancement and development of nanotechnology. The company developed prism type LCD BLU optical films for the first time in Korea.

With innovative products and advanced technology, MNtech has seen significant growth in the optical film business. In providing quality products, MNtech has been fulfilling the needs of customers in the display market. The company has exported to various countries, including China, Japan, Taiwan, and etcetera that resulted in an annual export value of USD 100 million in year 2010.

Optical-films The optical films from MNtech increase the light characteristics and minimize the light loss generated from BLU by condensing and diffusing the BLU backlight for display. MNtech is the first domestic company to have succeeded in developing micro lens-type multiple optical films. With its superior technology and quality, the company is now the leader in the world’s LCD display optical film market with a market share of 22%. The company continues to lead the market through a wide product range, from light guide films optimized for mobile displays to plates for lighting. MNtech has a strong belief in creative thinking, as it results in creating higher values. Such belief, supported by extensive experience, will allow the company to supply advanced and effective products with innovative technologies to customers worldwide.