Oil Extractor

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1310E12] GEEBEN, as a leader in the home appliances industry in Korea in terms of quantity and quality, is firmly committed to the development of various reliable products based on its accumulated technology and customer service, as well as to the market diversification such as TV home shopping, Internet shopping malls and large discount stores.

Omega-3 is effective in improving blood circulation by lowering cholesterol. Lignan, a kind of vegetable estrogen contained in Omega-3, helps in relieving hot flushes and osteoporosis of women in menopause. It is also effective in preventing various adult diseases including cancer. GEEBEN’s WeliO is an oil extractor that makes natural vegetable oil containing plenty of Omega-3. Natural oil made by WeliO is free from additives such as coloring agents and preservatives.

Until now, many ordinary people could not eat fresh vegetable oils, because vegetable oils used for a long time are exposed to the possibility of being easily acidified. With this product, however, customers can enjoy fresh oil with WeliO every day. WeliO allows ordinary people to consume adequate amounts of natural vegetable oil every day, which helps in preventing of adult diseases and thus makes it possible for them to lead a healthier life than ever before.

By using this household oil extractor, users can extract useful ingredients from various seeds. The user only needs to press the start button and operation of extraction of oil, even cleaning after normal operation are automatically performed with the fully automatic system. Powerful and low noise induction eceleration motor enables good performance of oil extraction, which permits semi-permanent use of WeliO.

Made with an emphasis on strong and elegant design WeliO is suitable for home use. WeliO’s operation starts upon sensing the input movement of seeds by the sensor installed at the part where seeds can be inserted. And if seeds to be inserted are finished, operation of this product is automatically stopped after a certain fixed time of cleaning.

WeliO provides excellent taste with less destruction of nutrients thanks to the built-in temperature sensor that controls optimum temperature for different oils. And WeliO users do not need to press the material every time, because it has a screw-in structure. WeliO ensures long-time use thanks to the installed reverse rotating function, which enables emergency treatment. GEEBEN cherishes the principles and basics as a leading company who is spearheading new changes with creativity and challenging spirit, and will continue to treat its customers as family members, while doing its best to be an enterprise that always makes contributions to society.

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