LG Elec. Grabs 3rd Highest Market Share in N. America


South Korea’s electronics giant LG Electronics jumped to third spot in the ranking of North American market share, the first-time ever since its entry into the smartphone business.

LG Electronics came in third in terms of smarphone market share in North America with a 7.1 percent market share followed by Apple(37.6 percent) and Samsung
Electronics(26.6 percent), according to a recent report of US-based market researching firm Strategy Analytics(SA).

LG saw its ranking up by one notch every year from seventh in 2009, sixth in 2010 and fifth in 2011 and overtook both HTC and Blackberry last year.

The result came from the recent rollout of high-end LTE(long-term evolution) smartphones and 3G(third generation) smartphone L-series including the Optimus G and Optimus View(named Intuition in the US) in the North American market. Its improved brand awareness through the launch of VoLTE(Voice over LTE)-capable smartphone Connect 4G and 4G handsets on Metro PCS, all of which was the first-ever achievement in the world, also led to the rise in the Korean-based company’s ranking.


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