Strengthening the Magnetic Lineup and Launching of IQOS Accessories[INQ. NO. 1809E05] REDBEAN Corp, a magnetic cable leader well-recognized by the customers with REDBEAN Magnetic Duo, which is differentiated from the conventional cumbersome charging system, plans to solidify its lifestyle brand image through launching of IQOS accessories as well as reinforcement of the magnetic lineup. As a part of REDBEAN’s identity strengthening willing to improve inconveniences that consumers suffer from in their daily lives, REDGBEAN has launched “Magnetic Flat” and “Magnetic One” through communication with consumers.


Magnetic Flat

Magnet Flat, produced in a flat design considering both portability and convenient use, so that the users can enjoy charging and data transmission freely anytime, anywhere, has reflected the feedback from customers who pointed out that the existing magnetic cable might be inconvenient to carry and use. In addition, targeting consumers who use the smartphone horizontally for playing games or watching videos, REDGBEAN has produced the cable in a horizontal direction of the mobile phone unlike conventional cables. This helps in resolving inconveniences caused by tangled cable that some customers have experienced. REDGBEAN has provided users with a diverse selection by releasing cables of 20cm, so you can make the best use of the power bank when going out, and 1.2 meters with which you can charge the battery freely under any circumstances. Magnetic Flat is compatible with the existing Magnetic Duo.


Magnetic One

Magnetic One has adopted a 360-degree rotation charging system regardless of front-torear and top-to-bottom directions. At the same time, with a USB type showing no distinction between the front and the rear, this product eliminates all inconveniences. This product is the first round-magnetic cable that supports data transmission and is released in four colors: orchid gray with modern and sophisticated blue color; rose gold with soft, gentle pink; luxurious midnight blue; and burgundy red.


Magnetic Gender

Through the release of Magnetic Gender, REDBEAN plans to provide MacBook users with nostalgia of the past and new consumers with innovation, respectively. As REDBEAN Magnetic Gender is connected to the device by strong magnet force, you can recharge the battery and transmit data easily with one hand. In addition, in case that the cable is pulled, only the cable is removed automatically to prevent damage to the device. Recently, in accordance with the trend that smart devices equipped with a charging method using a C-type port as well as a MacBook are being released in full force, this product provides expandability usable in other smartphones, tablets, etc., only if they are equipped with a C-type cable supporting PD. REDBEAN Magnetic Gender, produced with 20 magnetic pins, can support up to 100W of high electric power and transmit 10 Gbps of data. With the expandability of REDBEAN Magnetic Gender capable of reading U-disc and SD card, transmitting 4K video, etc., you can experience an optimal effect if you use it with the hub.


Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

REDBEAN has released its A25R mouse as a following product of A15R mouse that can be used without replacement of the disposable battery by recharging anytime and anywhere that a smartphone can be recharged. A25R, a rechargeable wireless mouse, maintains the advantages of A15R as they are and is equipped with the easy switching function. It can be recharged anytime, anywhere, as long as the smartphone is rechargeable, and can be used for a day with recharging for three minutes and can be used for more than two months with one-time recharging. Equipped with three kinds of ultrapower- saving modes and, at the same time, not needing replacement of disposable batteries, this product is an eco-friendly mouse. With the non-noise button installed, you can use it freely in quiet places, such as offices and public places.
The main features of the A25R rechargeable mouse are its three-adjustable DPI levels and easy switching. With the DPI button, you can adjust the 3-level DPI (800/1200/1600). The A25R mouse finds the optimal frequency by itself and matches or readjusts the mouse and the receiver. If only the power is supplied, the mouse is connected automatically without interference of frequency. This function is especially good news to consumers who often lose their receivers. Just by connecting the receivers to two or more computers respectively when purchasing the receiver additionally, you can use the receiver immediately after changing the pairing without having to carry it separately.


Keyboard and Mouse Sets

In September 2018, REDBEAN plans to release the keyboard and mouse sets that you can freely use in a quiet space. With the subminiature receiver, you can use a keyboard and a mouse simultaneously. Released in four colors, looking like sweet desserts, this product can be freely used by female consumers who appreciate vibrant colors.
The newly released IQOS accessories also reflect REDBEAN’s endeavors to research and improve its products without missing any element or need that consumers might feel uncomfortable with in everyday products.


USB Charger

Recently, the number of E-cigarette users has been rapidly increasing as they are known to have less odor and few harmful substances compared with ordinary tobaccos. However, there are quite a few consumers complaining about inconvenience during use.
REDBEAN’s 180-degree IQOS USB charger has succeeded in resolving the inconvenience of onerously opening and closing the case every time for charging. As the charging begins only if you connect the holder to the charger, you can charge it easily with one hand only. This is quite good news to consumers who get behind the wheel or enjoy smoking. The product has an outstanding use of space as it can be charged at any angle with the 180-degree rotation both right and left. Also, the product can lead to a safe smoking culture because it does not block your view when getting charged while you are driving. In addition, with adoption of the USB type, it can be charged easily and conveniently without any restriction of space if only there is a USB port available.
Cube IQOS Charger especially shows its great value indoors. You need not look for the charging case every time; just connect the device to the charger and it starts getting charged. By pressing the charger lightly, it is automatically detached by the internal rebound for you to use easily with one hand. With soft LED light, you can check the state of charge even in dark places.
As the IQOS Pocket Charger’s lifetime is limited to 7,300 times, if you open and close it every time for charging, the lifetime of the pocket charger is certain to be reduced naturally. In this case, since the smoking time is reduced significantly or charging gets impossible, consumers have to purchase a new an expensive device. If you use the series of REDBEAN IQOS Charger, you will be able to use IQOS for a longer time.
REDBEAN Corp was founded with the beginning of “Maximizing Optimal Effective Value Project”, for improving inconvenience which consumer could usually experience in daily life. REDBEAN has been achieved more than 800% growth rate annually. REDBEAN is rapidly growing corporation which accomplished accumulated USD 44.5 million in sales by the second quarter of 2017. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods