Motion-sensing Controller Device[INQ. NO. 1909E21] palmcat Corp. recently released its latest motion-sensing controller device called PERO, which is a device that controls PCs or smartphones by using its own motion-sensing function.
The motion-sensing technology, recognized as a next-generation interface technology, requires significant computer resources in photographing and analyzing of a certain motion, which is why it is now used in very limited areas including the game industry.
PERO, however, simplified the process of the existing motion-recognition technology from the development period in order to solve the flaws of the existing motion-recognition technology, and it can thus easily be used in any environment.
PERO, a product with a ring-band shape that covers the palm and the back of a person’s hand, can control PCs and smartphones by comprehending various gestures by understanding the motion of hands and fingers through censors on the hand. The product can also be used in presentations, VR/AR controllers, and drones through motion-sensing. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods