Electrical Equipment

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryDACO is a company professionally engaged in manufacturing and selling such various electrical equipment as MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker), MS (Magnetic Switch), ACB (Air Circuit Breaker), ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), and CP (Circuit Protector).
As one of the leading manufacturers of LV products in Korea, DACO strives to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers with its expertise in the field and qualified technology.


Low Voltage Protection & Distribution

MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) is a protection device that detects current anomalies and blocks a line before it is damaged by electrical heat. DACO MCCBs cover all ratings from 30AF to 1200AF featuring easy installation, high performance and reliability “as well as” a wide range of accessories. Some of the other advantages of DACO MCCBs include remote control & surveillance through realization of communication function and secured safety with realization of visible isolation function.


Industrial Control & Protection

MC (Magnetic Contactor) is a device that switches electricity of main circuits on or off by electromagnetic force. Some advantages of DACO MC include application of a transparent protection cover to prevent foul operation and improve life and functions, not to mention protection from impurities such as dust. Also, it is possible to install it in diverse locations with adoption of 35mm DIN-Rail. It is suitable for IEC 60947-4-1 and is therefore compatible with products of other companies including overseas products.

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Global IT Giants Rush into Korea’s Public Cloud Market

Global IT giants such as Oracle, Microsoft (MS), Amazon and IBM are preparing to provide data center rental services in Korea, where IT enthusiasm is relatively high. According to market research firm SA, the smartphone penetration in Korea reached 67.6% last year, the highest level in the world. Korea’s mobile game market is expected to surpass 1 trillion won ($942.5 million) this year.

A market research firm SA said “the smartphone saturation in Korea reached 67.6% last year, the highest level in the world. The nation’s mobile game market is expected to exceed one trillion won ($942.5 million) this year.”

The majority of global IT leading groups appear to have observed the potential huge business opportunities from the fourth largest Asian economy, where many start-ups have budget and time constraint in the ownership of their own data center. Amazon, the global industry leader in this field, has recently joined
hands with KOTRA and other public agencies to provide cloud services to start-ups helped in a policy manner by the government, a strategic step to increase
its market presence in Korea.

Oracle, IBM, MS and Google are also making moves. Oracle Korea has recently launched a suite of Oracle Cloud Service. IBM entered the local market last month through its subsidiary SoftLayer. “Our new system features speed superiority over existing services and this can shake up the Korean market,” said an IBM official.


By Kim Min-su : Here