3D Wireless Finger Mouse

201308E_3D Wireless Finger Mouse

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1308E01] Neo Reflection will promote its worldfirst 3D wireless finger mouse, which is now being marketed under the brand name of “Neo Mouse” at the upcoming edition of IFA2013 in Germany this year following last year’s successful moves.

The 1600CPI super-sensitive laser mouse offers double the super-sensitivity of the mouse movement. It can even be operated for 24 hours without changing the battery.

As it is designed as an ultra-slim wireless device, it is strongly preferred by laptop users. For MS PowerPoint, it basically supports back/forward/pen functions. It provides various more competitive functions than rivals’ ones based on its originally and creatively designed finger motions.

With the support of the function as pen, it eminently adds a strong arm in presentations anywhere and anytime.

201308E_3D Wireless Finger Mouse1 As a complete customer-oriented item, it fully relieves any inconvenience, especially in Internet surfing. It is again expected that this solution provider will draw even stronger attention than those at last year’s Fair.

In particular, seekers who prefer a smarter mouse with multifunction in presentation will find it especially useful. Consequently, the global market presence of this product will be climbing higher than ever.

And Neo Reflection developed and started commercializing ergonomic input/output devices, sensor networks, wireless communications, and ubiquitous equipment – based on advanced IT technologies.

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