Onshore Cable, Off shore & Marine Cable and Nuclear Power Plant Cable


Contributing to Korea’s Energy Industry

Seoul Electric Wire has been contributing to Korea’s energy industry through developing new products sustainably, making bold investments in equipment and hiring talented people. The company has been growing as a global electric wire company by acquiring various certifications domestically as well as overseas since its founding in 1968.
Nowadays, lots of companies have to cope with a fastchanging business environment. In other words, opportunities could be on their way with this uncertain environment for the future of the company. And producing the best quality products is the best way to satisfy customers. Therefore, by implementing its newest management system, Seoul Electric Wire will continually strive to develop new products and to improve the quality of the existing products by making bold investments in quality assurance, key workers and R&D.



Onshore Cable, Offshore & Marine Cable and Nuclear Power Plant Cable

There are basically three types of cables that Seoul Electric Wire produces under its brand name, SEC. Onshore cable is ideal for production plant, power distribution field, crane, mining field, industrial field, etc. It is 22.9kV halogen free, flame retardant, polyolefin and concentric neutral type power cable. It is also water tree retardant, flame retardant, fire and heat resistant. Finally, it is 35kV shield armor cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable.
Off shore and marine cable is ideal for ships or vessels for interior and exterior power control instrumentation (signal). It is communication cable for marine structures & off shore platforms, etc. There are JIS cable, HF (Halogen Free) cable and NEK606 cable. Finally, nuclear power plant cable is a control & instrumentation (signal) cable for nuclear power plants. There are high (5kV, 15kV), low (600V) voltage power cable and control cable (600V). 600V instrumentation & control cable and XHHW are also available. The average lifespan for the control cables is 60 years.

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