CCTV Cameras



[INQ. NO. 1304E07] CNB Technology’s anti-saturation “Intelligent IR” technology brings the clearest video images during darkness or in any conditions.

This sophisticated technology dramatically eliminates the biggest problem of the current majority of other IR cameras by distinguishing the closer objects with control of the IR sensitivity – while still providing sharp pictures without saturation.

It ensures longer IR LED life cycle to adjust IR LED light illumination power – automatically from DSP processing which controls IR power consumption by objects’ distance.

CNB’s CCTV camera “CCM-20VF/CCM-21VF” provide naturally sharp pictures through automatically compensating for the darker areas surrounding the object. Easy to install, they can set a privacy zone function to make perfect private areas. Equipped with day& night functions, they can deliver the sharpest pictures even in very low ambient lighting.


cc2During the past several years, CNB has made its annually steady sales record and growth amounting to US$120mil. annually. With such impressive growth drive, it becomes one of the top security camera makers & exporters in Korea. The global manufacturing facilities in Korea and China also helped the company accomplish a 40% annual average growth rate.



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Security Cameras

[INQ. NO. 1304E05] Laice Electronics’ flagship security camera LDP-AG752AI-48DU has elegant European-style housing and was designed with a capacity of 600TVL highdefinition, and it takes best quality pictures using Samsung A1 WDR&DNR chip.
Depending on the nature of the illumination, the model adopts a technology that adjusts the brightness of LED and prevents the saturation of the subject. Various lenses (2.8~11mm, 6~50mm) and additional installation of fan&heater are optionally available.





In addition, the external adjustment of zoom/focus is available and consequently complete weatherproof protection, IP-66 is realized.
The dorm form of camera LVD-XE750Xl-36 is designed emphasizing stable structure and thus it ensures easy installation. And it uses housing that installers prefer.




Using an externally adjustable gimbal, it enables easy operations of pan/tilt for effective output. It adopts a Samsung A1 DNR chip so that it realizes fine picture of 600TVL.
It has no WDR function but guarantees cheap prices. Various lenses (2.8~11mm, 3.8~9.5mm) and additional installation of fan&heater are optionally available.
Currently, such highly competitive security cameras are mainly exported to the U.S.A., Italy, France, the UK, Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, etc. reaping high reputation for their high-performance quality. In 2007, Laice Electronics has received the US$10mil. Export Tower from a Korean governmental organization, which means the company started raising its global presence on a massive scale.



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