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Master: A Korea’s leading company of electronic measuring equipment

[INQ. NO. 1504E12] As a leading maker of electronic measuring equipment in Korea, Master, which established in 1986, has been supplying display equipment(LCD, PDP, and TV monitors) and standard image quality inspection equipment for manufacturing to overseas corporations of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics and some domestic customer companies.

electronic-measuring-equipmenthttps://korean-electronics.com//inquiry Since establishment of affiliate R&D center of the company, it has actively been participated in some flagship projects, largely supported by the Korean government. In the year of 2010, Master started development and production projects of the so-called SI-integrated system equipment such as Matrix, Switchers, Fiber Optic, KVM extenders for the application of broadcasting, telecommunication equipment, monitoring rooms in public offices, telepresence rooms, rail/air control systems, CCTV systems, hospitals, and education facilities.

For 2015, Master plan to promote its three key series FXC series, IMR matrix series, and IFDE series-to potential foreign markets with the aim of enjoying specific amount of increased export. FXC series, a fiber converter extender, is designed to transmit a signal by using a light from host up to 2km with the help of the inputted signals of component, video(s-video, CVBS), VGA, three HD-SDI, DVI(HDMI). Also individual design is available based on the selected input and output signals by the specific end-users. Two channels of LC type optic fiber is applied, so it enables fast speed, long distance transmission.

Master’s IMR matrix series is kind of modular matrix router that integrates various video signals and audio signals such as DVI/HDMI/Fiber into a router and it switches and distributes variety of video and audio signals. Designed to be easily operated, it gives operators convenience in operation while also allowing them to save time. The series supports the differentiated remotely controllable functions(TCP/IP, RS-232C). It also supports various resolutions(Max 1920×1200). It enables long distance transmission, supported by fiber card. The maker’s IFDE series is made especially focusing on the part of digital video interface with the aim of delivering clean signals from host to a place far away from it by using optic cables. It is designed with LC type of optic fiber that ensures fast speed, long distance transmission. It is a KC certification of KCC-REM-BLX-MSFG1WBJ12-certified product. Compatible with HDCP 1.2 version, it supports function of DID reader.

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Diamond Tools

Diamond Tools
https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryShinhan Diamond Industrial has produced a variety of diamond tools from products for construction and stone to those for precision industries and for high-tech materials such as silicon wafers for semiconductor and flat panel displays including LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and PDP (Plasma Display Panel) since its establishment in 1978.

For the best diamond array products in the world, ARIX, the original technology of diamond array adapted to serial production since 2005 has applied the new follow-up ARIX Generation with more enhanced metallurgy, more precise control over diamond positions and more esthetical and functional design of diamond segments for each product range.

Diamond Tool
It is almost impossible to find one perfect solution of diamond tools that is the best for every case no matter what customers are in need of. ARIX Technology is able to place diamond grits precisely in three dimensional patterns and to deliver the best performance to customers in all cases.

The three-dimensional patterns that ARIX technology can arrange diamond grits in are various as operators find some examples below. The company’s spokesperson expressed confidence over the technology as “We wouldn’t blame you even if you call ARIX an art rather than a technology.”

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