Water Purifier


[INQ. NO. 2210E08] PICOGRAM CO., LTD. is developing environment technology products, enhancing people’s quality of life.

PICOGRAM has completed all preparations to pursue ceaseless innovation to create a new future with boundless dreams and a challenging spirit.

In the development and production of its goods, PICOGRAM puts special emphasis on quality and reliability. It covers a comprehensive range and offers optimized solutions for each application, complying with international guidelines through 22 years water filter manufacturing and developing experiences. Its technical facilities and production technologies enable it to meet the highest standards in product-quality and product performance.

Major brand of water purifier product (PUREAL)
PUREAL is the company’s major brand of water purifier products. PUREAL has a quick change water-filter system (Picogram PnP filter system) for DIY filter replacement. PUREAL has a tankless water-purification system (without storage tank) and instant purified hot and cold water technology to prevent bacteria growth inside the water purifier. PUREAL is global selling product with slim and excellent design.

PUREAL has not only residential water purifiers, but also commercial filter systems for food service of restaurants and coffee shops.

PICOGRAM will realize its vision for the future, forming an effective organizational culture by motivating each other to pursue perfection.

PICOGRAM is continuously improving its internal organization and communications with its partners. It has also initiated a company development process that reveals its strengths and weaknesses.

The president of the company commented, “We are looking for overseas partners to develop markets together for successful business based on mutual satisfaction and strong relationships.”

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