Surface Treatment and Processing of Pless Plates High Tech was established in 2000 and has been engaged in the surface treatment and processing of pless plates for forming centering on SUS plates that are used for lamination such as the SUS plate for CCL, MASSLAM, MLB, FPCB, etc. and also jigs and fixtures.
Sungsan High Tech has so far made great efforts to develop technologies required for processing various types of plates and for surface treatment and processing and secured the quality winning trust of many customers, which enabled it to continuously supply its products to professional PCB companies.
While a variety of PCB materials including those that are used for electronic products such as computers and smartphones, it has made enormous efforts to localize the SUS plate, which had depended on imports for 30 years, and in response to customer demands for quality specification and precision and also made efforts to enhance quality and reduce costs by combining new materials and production.
Currently, Sungsan High Tech is locally supplying parts that PCB companies need when entering overseas markets. Also, it has made efforts since 2017 to localize some of the SUS plates that had depended on imports for 30 years, and as a result it successfully localized SUS plate301 for the first time in South Korea in the beginning of 2018 and began to sell the plate to domestic and foreign (Chinese) PCB companies.
The localized SUS plate is at least 30% less expensive than the imports and can be quickly delivered within two months, whereas imports from Japan currently take around ten months. This increases competitiveness and expansion in domestic and overseas markets is expected.
Sungsan High Tech has delivered its products to more than 100 domestic companies including professional PCB production companies, Samsung Electromechanics Co.,Ltd., Dae Duck Electronics Co., Ltd., Doosan Corporation Electro- Materials, etc. Sungsan High Tech is steadily supplying its products to PCBspecialized companies thanks to the client companies’ accumulated trust in the quality of its products, as a result of its developing technologies required for various kinds of plate processing and its all-out efforts for developing of newer surface treatment methods. Currently, Sungsan High Tech is largely exporting to China, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods