Producing Implant Fixtures, Dental Equipment and Software for Abundant and Healthy Life October 2016 Osstem is ranked No. 1 in the Korean domestic market and 5th among implant companies worldwide. The Osstem implant recorded rapid growth in sales over the decades. In 2007, Osstem became one of the KOSDAQ-listed fi rms and now ranks in the top 20, and was also nominated as a KOTRA Global Brand in 2010. Main businesses include implant fi xtures, dental equipment and software.
1Osstem envisions realizing its goal of increasing sales fi gures up to USD 1.3 billion by 2023. With 23 foreign branches worldwide, Osstem is seeking to become global No. 1 implant manufacturer by constantly investing on research and substantializing its management philosphy: Abundant and Healthy Life for Humankind.
Osstem Implant is ever vigilant of changing worldwide implantology trends. It continues to invest heavily in R&D and developing superior technology. Its stringent quality control ensures it provides people with the highest quality products available in the market. It has obtained worldwide certifi cations including FDA, CE and ISO. Its products are now used in more than 45 countries.
Major Products of Osstem to Hit the International Market

2TSIII SA implant, developed with extensive R&D experiences of Osstem Implant, features an SA surface treatment that fully exploits the excellent pluri-potential capacity of osteoblastic cells. It shortens the bone healing time, and improves the secondary att achment force. In addition, SA surface is adopted to have a convenient placement and initial stability due to its optimal body design.
3Calcium ion’s strong vitality, TSIII CA is a revolutionary implant with superior hydrophilic properties. CA’s robust surface interaction promotes early osseointegration, shortening the treatment period.
4K3 Unit chair is amazingly att ractive with smart technology optimized for dental clinic sett ing, improving the preciseness of treatment with simple and ergonomic design considering the fl ow line. The added convenience will bring great satisfaction to dentists, assistants and patients. The stylish design not only matches any interior design but also creates a pleasant environment, making every patient comfortable.
5The smart module improves treatment preciseness, with the ergonomic design enhancing patients’ comfort. The effi cient structure of the side table and operation butt ons facilitates prompt support by dental assistants. The K3 unit chair off ers a variety of colors and options with a wide range of choices with high quality standard features at reasonable price. This superior and customized unit chair is designed to satisfy customers’ tastes and styles. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods