Real Wood Smart Phone Case& Natural Pearl Smart Phone Case[INQ. NO. 1909E15] Immok Co., Ltd. is a company that allows customers to feel the nature in their lives using wooden materials and strives to make a more comfortable living environment and a world where people and nature can coexist in harmony.
Immok solely imports about 450 kinds of natural wood materials that provide comfort to people, such as wooden paper veneer and natural wood from the world’s top companies including TABU, Italy, processes it to make products that customers want, and supplies products made of non-wood materials on request.
Immok has been striving to research and develop the related technologies of manufacturing surface materials made of eco-friendly natural wood to allow it to be more widely used in our daily lives. It is expected that it will achieve its slogan, ‘Nature in daily life’ by making and supplying the world’s best construction materials, furniture and household goods.
Immok is currently focusing on producing real wood smartphone cases and natural pearl smartphone cases targeting promising overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods