Digital Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

Digital Wireless Transmitter & Receiver Unitech is a reliable CCTV(Cameras,DVR,Mobile DVR and IP Cameras,Wireless Transmitters,etc.)products manufacturer in Korea. And it is an OEM supplier of many global companies in the CCTV industry. All of its products are developed and manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO14001. Sunin Unitech’s flagship products have CE,FCC certification and comply with RoHS regulation.

Sunin Unitech’s Beam Bird is the very latest digital wireless transmitter&receiver that is designed with competitive features overshadowing those of other comparable items. It needs no more cables between camera and DVR. With 3dB Di-pole antenna, long distance of effectiveness is ensured. With supported 7dBi (Over 3kms) or 14dBi (Over 5kms) patch antenna, long distance video transmit is available. It comes fitted with a multi-channel receiver(up to 4CH). This compact size product requires DV12V input power(same as analog CCTV camera power). It can remotely control the PTZ camera via digital wireless from DVR(Local and remote by network). Moreover, any kind of analog CCTV camera can connect it directly and become wireless camera. Built in transmitter in cameras (Box, Dome, IR LED) are also available by request

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