IoT-based Inventory Management System for Silo

[INQ. NO. 2202E07] There are currently totally 212 Rice Processing Complexes (RPCs) in Korea, first introduced in 1991 as a part of the agricultural structure adjustment project.
APFleet came up with a more efficient inventory management method by improving the existing manual management way of the silo inventory – in order to secure the precision in the decision of the storage-level.
For RPC, smart RPC project through digitalization and advanced industrialization was recently launched. The strongest point of the smart RPC project is on how to precisely measure and monitor silos on a real-time basis – so that operators can identify the amount of rice nationwide at a glance, and redefine the relationship of rice caused by precise measurement. Operators can thus prevent the losses of rice and identify the regional status of rice.

IoT-based Inventory Management System for Silo

The inventory management method of this product is that it can monitor the inventory of silos on a real-time basis by continuously measuring the measured value transferred wired/wirelessly via PC on a real-time basis.
The 3D level scanner applied in this IoT-based inventory management system uses what it called “dust permeation technology” through audible frequency, and measures more than 50 points in the silos – unlike the existing level sensors that measure a singular point or small range. Utilizing the unique 3D mapping technology, it can mark visually the shape of the raw materials in the silo, measure the depth of the container, etc.
There are some benefits gained through the use of this solution, whereby farmers can accurately predict the farm income in rice farming and the farming-related bodied including national agricultural cooperative federation, etc. can enhance trust of their own production.
Moreover, exporting of related technology-based systems and platforms to overseas farming nations is possible, and thus contributing to the development of the national economy. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods