Food Container Sealer

[INQ. NO. 2210E21] Based on research and technology related to vacuum packaging films and polymers accumulated by its CEO during SK Innovation (1998~2002), BLT Co., Ltd. has steadily exported home vacuum packaging machines and vacuum packaging films to Europe and other regions since its establishment in 2013.

In addition, based on the patented technology developed with its own technology, BLT recently developed a newconcept food container sealer that makes it easy to pack all foods for the first time in the world and food packaging materials with good oxygen barrier properties, spurring the company’s advances into the global market.

The new concept IVP-1131 of LOFAHO, a household appliance brand that leads the stylish and safe food packaging culture, is an all-in-one (3-in-1) package with dimensions of 380 x 245 x 185 mm and weight of 3.4 kg, with the functions of container packaging, vacuum packaging and vacuum hose packaging designed to fit well into the kitchen as a product of standard size.

This innovative food packaging machine, LOFAHO, makes it easy and convenient to store food by subdividing and storing large-capacity food ingredients as well as meal-prep in line with recent trends such as busy modern life and the increase of single-person households. In addition, it offers a lot of convenience for outdoor food.

Anyone can use it easily and conveniently by simply pressing the operation button to execute a command. Not only does it not require pre-heating time before using the product, but it is also economical as electricity is supplied only when in use, without continuous supply of power.

It is thus possible to reduce costs, and it is a very useful household appliance, especially in the food packaging culture that requires safety and convenience at home in the current COVID-19 era. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Sealer[INQ. NO. 1908E03] INTROPACK has been developing vacuum sealers over the past 10 years.
All of its products are easy to use and feature high quality with patents. The company developed the world’s first dial-type control, automatic mode, and waterproof vacuum pressure sensor.


It has the world’s first all-in-one sous vide machine that combines a vacuum and sous vide machine. It can thus save a customer’s budget and space. This machine is very accurate and stable with patented techniques. The company is constantly developing new machines to meet customers’ needs.


Wine Saver
Wine saver can easily store your remaining wine longer than any other machine. The automatic vacuum pressure sensor completely controls the vacuum. You can store remaining wine by laying the bottle on its side.




Unbalance Vacuum Blender
Unique technology on the blender allows blending of all kinds of food without water or ice (liquid). The imbalance caused by the reverse rotation inner container, material quickly breaks down the balance and it moves toward the blade, so that it can be blended even at low speed. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods