Security Cameras Techwin Co., Ltd. has recently presented its latest new security camera, X series Plus. Focusing on ease of installation, the new, highly modular X series Plus is one of the easiest cameras to install, service and upgrade saving installers time and money.
Available in either 2MP or 5MP indoor or outdoor configurations, X series Plus cameras utilize magnets to lock sensor modules into the housing for instant snap-in installation. Electricians can run a conduit with a single PoE connection to the mounting plate without the camera base, module, and top cover. This allows security professionals to snap the camera and covers into place after the job site is clean within just minutes.
“Made with integrators in mind, our new easy-access packaging lets installers configure cameras without taking them out of the box,” said Paul Kong, CTO, Hanwha Techwin America. He added, “We have separated the housing and module containers, enabling installers to directly access the RJ-45 jack resulting in many hours of configuration time saved during larger installations.”
Camera modules are available with options such as PTRZ, IR and a heater. Designed to save time and money by not requiring a trip to the camera location when fine-tuning, the PTRZ option allows modifications to the camera’s position after installation is complete. Housing choices include indoor, outdoor and a new compact plenum-rated flush mount. Removable skin covers are available in white, black and ivory and allow easy changing of colors to blend into the décor of the room. Custom painting is also facilitated since the skins easily separate from the camera.
New features enable pre-recorded audio messages to be triggered by in-camera analytics. The audio files are played out from the camera’s audio output connection.
This X series Plus is based on Wisenet 5 proprietary chipset for advanced performance, featuring built-in analytics and enhanced cyber security. This has increased operating temperatures from -58° to 140°F (-50° to 60° C). The tilt angles increased to 85v degrees for wider coverage with low ceilings. Outdoor vandal dome configurations support up to IP6K9K and IK10+ ratings. New gyro sensors provide shock detection function for this product.

New 5MP Multi-Directional Camera
Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. has revealed its latest multi-sensor camera, the Wisenet PNM-9000VD (2-head) delivering 5MP image quality and modular lens configuration at an affordable price.
The PNM-9000VD supports 30fps image capture and true 120dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) without compromising frame rate for each of its 5MP sensors. For maximum adaptability, configurable factory focused lens/CMOS sensor modules are available in 3.7, 4.6, and 7mm for multiple fields of view that can be easily installed onsite. Hallway view aspect ratios are also supported for monitoring of vertically shaped areas. Each sensor has its own Wisenet 5 chip providing a full suite of built-in video analytics including loitering, directional detection, fog detection, tampering, motion detection, and objects entering or exiting an area.
The PNM-9000VD supports a selectable triple codec featuring H.265/H.264/MJPEG complemented by Hanwha’s WiseStream II technology. Even for customers still utilizing H.264-based VMS and servers today, having H.265 capable cameras provide a future-proof investment as infrastructure evolves.
“Hanwha Techwin is one of the first manufacturers of multi-sensor cameras in the market that support a triple codec including H.265,” explained Ray Cooke, Vice President of Solution & Product Management, Hanwha Techwin America. He added, “We’re happy to see the increased momentum for H.265 as more organizations realize that high-resolution video doesn’t have to take up more space.”
The PNM-9000VD utilizes a single IP address requiring only one VMS license, thus further reducing the costs of installation, service, and support. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Security Cameras Robotics Co., Ltd. recently unveiled two cameras that can monitor a distance of up to 5km by using an embedded 25watt laser at SECON 2019.
These two cameras are installed on four dustproof coils, so as not to be exposed to to trembling. With a micro actuator that uses triaxial servo-motor, these cameras automatically adjust the camera’s viewing angle, as well as the laser beam’s length and direction, thus repeatedly illuminating subjects by laser.
Moreover, these cameras have a built-in autozoom function featuring fast response speed so that the operation speed is automatically decreased in long-distance mode. The company’s 3740 series is a model with a thermal camera.
Whitebox Robotics is a solution provider and system integrator in perimeter security, homeland security, and pipeline security. It offers complete system integration, development, design, installation, after sales service, and training, thus enabling the company to provide its clients with turn-key projects.
Field-proven Integrated Security Management System (ISMS) software from Whitebox Robotics can be easily modified, expanded, and customized for specific application to clients’ needs. The ISMS includes Whitebox Robotics’ unique software such as Integrated Digital Map Display, Intelligent Video Motion Detection, Panoramic View Generator, and various modular sub-level agent software for ground surveillance radar, remote weapon control station, access control system, CCTV, detection sensors, network DVR, etc. The ISMS and network solution can be applied to airports, sea ports, military bases, borderlines, pipelines, nuclear power plants, government facilities, and correctional centers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods