Mobile Healthcare Device and AI-based Healthcare System

[INQ. NO. 2203E15] Ever since its establishment in 2010, Solmitech has grown into one of the leading companies for next-generation healthcare devices by integrating ICT (Information Communication Technology) technologies and medical device development know-how.
Solmitech has provided high-quality mobile healthcare products and various application software for individual and group healthcare management.
Refit Patch is a wireless ECG (Electrocardiograph) monitor that interworks with mobile phone or table PC. It enables a user to monitor ECG, heart rate, and stress level in real-time and can be used for humans and pets.

Mobile Healthcare Device and AI-based Healthcare System

Refit Patch comes in three versions based on the number of the signal channels to be measured and the continuous operating time — SHC-U7D (1 channel,
10 hours operating time), SHC-U9 (1 channel, 24 hours operating time), and SHC-U8 (6 channels, 48 hours operating time).
Various accessories for different measurement environments also be provided.
In order to use Refit Patch, you need to install ‘Happ+’ app on your smartphone. Please search ‘Happ+’ or ‘Solmitech’ in the Google Play store or App store and install the app on your smartphone.

Mobile Healthcare Device and AI-based Healthcare System

Once you attach Refit Patch on your chest, turn on its power, run Happ+ app, and tap the start button, Happ+ app will start searching a Refit Patch device within Bluetooth data transmission range and receive data from it automatically. You can monitor your heart condition on your smartphone in real-time.
Measurement data can be diagnosed by the professional analysis PC-based
S/W-Refit Patch Viewer, and you can share the data with others via e-mail and SNS.
Solmitech has in-house development capability for H/W, App, PC-base S/W, and DB server.
Solmitech can provide SDK, API, and technical support for the customers who want to develop their own Apps or AI server-based healthcare echo system interworking with Refit Patch.
Refit Patch is expected to complete KFDA certification as ME (Medical Equipment) in Q2, 2022. FDA and the CE MDR ME certification process for Refit Patch will be started soon.

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