Smart Factory System for manufacturing customized cosmetics

[INQ. NO. 2211E34] ENIMA is a smart factory and dispensing machine that produces personalized skincare and cosmetic products by collecting skincare data. About 25,000 types of skincare products can be manufactured including essences, lotions and skin toner, using the recipes gathered from customers’ skin diagnostic and analytic data.

ENIMA is a robot-driven, one-stop manufacturing system meeting customers’ need to produce personalized cosmetics based on more than 120,000 skin data sets. The manufacturing process and maintenance can be monitored and controlled remotely.

ENIMA’s internal hygiene environment is enabled by self-controlled air conditioning and plasma-assisted automatic sterilization. The production time for each recipe is just three and half minutes after skin diagnosis to generate a production code. Up to 40 different raw materials can be stored in the kiosk to manufacture skin care products of different recipes, depending on each customers’ skin condition and needs.

LILLYCOVER has made the whole manufacturing process simple, fun, and intuitive for users. The skin diagnosis step uses a hand-held type device, Muilli. The robot-motioned process sequence of manufacturing the skincare products is easily visible through the kiosk of smart factory. The self-explanatory steps and process visibility add intriguing layers to the personalization of every customer’s skincare journey.

By using ENIMA, there is no need to wait several days for skincare products to be delivered to customers, owing to the innovation of instant and flexible manufacturing. This allows for a simple one-stop service from self-diagnosis with Muilli to production in a sterilized environment of ENIMA, optimizing the kiosk for retail areas.

Once your skin diagnosis and analysis results are complete, customized skincare products can be readily and accurately made by ENIMA’s smart factory technology.

The skin diagnosis device, Muilli diagnoses customers’ skin with 60x magnification to evaluate major skin factors such as oil and moisture levels, pores, etc. Skin data obtained by this skin diagnosis device is superior in accuracy and level of definition to those of an ordinary smartphone camera.

In the near future, LILLYCOVER plans to provide a special scalp care solution offering scalp diagnosis. Muilli2, the new version of Muilli can check five key scalp factors including the number of hairs per pore, hair thickness, the progress of hair loss, etc. LILLYCOVER also plans to recommend customized scalp cosmetics and treatment focused on these major issues and deliver the customized scalp cosmetics by subscription service.

Ultimately, the benefits you can get from LILLYCOVER’s skin and scalp care solution are that under the contactless situation, you can conveniently and easily diagnose your own skin as well as scalp and receive their customized management at home. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods