Digital Door Lock – I-BILIV

We are certainly living in the world where security is under serious threat. It seemingly continues to haunt people on a daily basis. Once people with ill-intention break into our home or company, it always deals a significant blow; leaking companies’ confidential information could mean the end of their businesses, and people can lose their valuable properties or even lives. Of course, people can rely on police officers, but they still cannot rest assured. Maybe, they might want to believe in I-BILIV.

I-BILIV started helping people tightening their security in 2006. As one of competitive manufacturers for digital locks in Korea, it has since then offered various high quality items to the global market.
MNR301 is a 3-way digital door lock with a grey metal look. This elegant and sleek model can be accessed with smart cards, touching, and main keys. Its Anti-Panic allows users to open with only one touch. Your transportation card or credit card can be useful as MNR301 is programmed to register and accept them. It runs on 1.5v batteries and weighs 3.9kg. IM100 comes with a touch pad and can remember up to 100 smartcards. It has a built-in anti-static device.

MTR701 shines with its black appearance while an attached red-colored number pad is glowing with a big contrast. The model has also 3-way Access and Anti-Panic function, and it requires 1.5v AA batteries. MTR601 is called “premium grey metal beauty” and supports quite the same features that the other models have. It weighs 3.9kg. There are also sub door lock models SNC-400R, SNR-400B, IS100 & IS200, and STC-500R. For more information, you can visit

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