Smartphone Case (Ringke Fusion X)[INQ. NO. 1909E02] Rearth’s new design Fusion-X, an innovation leading the smartphone case market, is already making its mark as a sensational product that has been selected by many customers.
Since its inception in 2003, Ringke Rearth has been ever-changing and transforming, and in 2012, Ringke made a breakthrough with the development of the Ringke Fusion case. This new concept sent shockwaves throughout the world of smartphone cases, and soon, everyone was riding on the Fusion’s waves. Now, smartphones are larger in size, yet their bezels are narrower.

With this growing technological trend, the Ringke Fusion had to further evolve without losing its key advantages: Transparency, Protection, and Grip. Concept sketches, trial and error, and many sleepless nights gave birth to a case Ringke is proud to present: The FUSION-X.
Ringke’s Fusion-X incorporates the traditional transparent polycarbonate body with an elastic polymeric frame that is stabilized by an innovative X-shaped design on the four corners of the case.
All of these materials, production techniques, and design elements are not simply stylistic upgrades. They are the result of years of proven performance based on millions of Ringke Fusion products. With its sleek design and exceptional grip, the Fusion-X will show the world that beauty and toughness can coexist in harmony. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods


Smart learning robot

[INQ. NO. 1409M05] ACE Marketing’s smart learning robot Albert & Atti is designed for young children. Utilizing a new concept – Let young children learn while playing with the smartphone! This device connects to books so that books are read out loud after the smartphone recognizes the letters.


Smart-learning-robot_2 This device includes 40 English children’s story books that are expected to be launched during 2014.

Albert is made to move freely and to talk by remote controlling using a smartphone.

This is a Bluetooth headset that comes with stylish and elegant design. It provides hands-free communication for use with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. The piece is designed in a stylish and elegant profile, which matches your daily look easily. Featuring simple and minimalist design, it supports a bright and vibrant green LED status light.

Smart-learning-robot_3 The wired earphone from the company will also be presented at the autumn edition of the
Hong Kong Electronics Fair. This is a series of wired earphones in different vibrant colors for a sense of vitality.

The classic in-ear design offers excellent noise canceling and fabulous sound output. You can wear the earphones for enjoying sweet music from your music players. It is available in various earphones and earmics. Each model has seven different colors. Available colors include white, black, pink, and lime/pink.

Smart-learning-robot_4A smartphone case from the company will also help enhance the brand image of the company before visitors attend the fair. This smartphone case is finely crafted with exquisite details for a sense of attractiveness.

It is meticulously designed to keep your precious smartphone protected from dust, fingerprint, scratches, etc. Different colors and models are available for you to choose from. ACE Marketing provides over 12 models and 4-5 colors per each model as high end quality design. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods