Smartphone Cases Made with Natural Nacre[INQ. NO. 1708E18] Artimo introduces a smartphone case made with natural nacre at KITAS 2017, which will be held from August 10 to 12 at COEX. Nacre is made from thinly carved inner pieces of shells of abalone or clam. Nacre is characterized by reflecting light differently depending on angles of view. In other words, nacre is so attractive with light that it is even considered as artwork.
The nacre case is characterized by its outstanding patterns when colored with nacre plate that has been glued together, piece by piece, or diffusing indescribable effects that combine light that penetrates through ink on the surface of nacre with printed colors and drawings.
Many people ask whether a nacre case is too fragile, but the company’s nacre case has been manufactured by putting thin nacre pieces together, up to 0.2 to 0.3mm in thickness, and printing with urethane special coating, so it will not break even if it is dropped.
Designs also vary to satisfy the diverse tastes of consumers. There is a modern pattern series, which allows the original colors and patterns of nacres to shine, a traditional portrait series, which combines Korean traditional portraits with modern tastes, an Oriental painting series, which reproduce artworks of old masters in traditional style, and a lovely modern series, full of love and sensitivity. Also, it is possible to customize the designs as nacre cases can be printed in small quantities. They can be produced even in hundreds, not necessarily in thousands.
In the beginning, several companies introduced nacre cases, but currently, Artimo can be considered as the only surviving company with capabilities of manufacturing the nacre cases, starting from design to nacre processing with technical skills, as other companies have lost their competitiveness due to high unit costs caused by additional development and outsourcing.

This has been possible because Yoon Jae-sam, CEO of Artimo, has considerable expertise, such as product planning and manufacturing skills from his previous experience in the manufacturing industry, not to mention his university major in design.
Artimo launched its business in 2012 by releasing test products after having grafted nacre processing skills into manufacturing smartphone cases, and the market responded very positively, domestically as well as overseas.
In response to this hot reaction, Artimo entered the Gyeonggi-do Souvenir Contest in 2012 and won a gold prize. In the same year, Artimo was awarded in the Korea Souvenir Contest hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization. Artimo continues to develop new products every year and strives to win more awards in related contests. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods