Customized Antennas

[INQ. NO. 2203E14] BlueWaveTel Co., Ltd. manufactures customized antennas – based upon its experience of development and supply of more than one million sets of antennas, and the experience of installation and operation of antennas in various aspects of the wireless application field.
This excellent performance of the company is based upon its rich human resources including R&D engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the technology development of ICT areas.
BlueWaveTel is recognized as being a leader in the field of customized antenna technology development. Thanks to its high technological competitiveness and service standards, it is continuously building solid trust with customer companies. The company’s president explains, “I am convinced that even more business opportunities will come our way if we remain sincerely committed to technology development and product supply even with no margin and no big-sized orders – in order to help grow cooperative enterprises.”

Customized Antennas

BlueWaveTel developed antennas for high-pass installed in toll-gates in the nation. It is supplying high-isolating antenna products for interference cancellation repeaters to Japanese mobile communication service enterprises (NTT Docomo, KDDI, Softbank) through Japanese wireless repeater development enterprises. In particular, BlueWaveTel is strengthening its brand awareness in global markets through the development of military antenna for special purposes, as well as various kinds of advanced wireless application antenna.

Customized Antennas

BlueWaveTel was established in 2000 to develop industry-leading antennas, RF modules, and microprocessor application modules.
BlueWaveTel provides excellent solutions in wireless telecommunications and military applications, which include base stations and repeaters, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast), telematics, ubiquitous systems, RFID, UWB, wireless LAN, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), aircraft, RF transceivers, and customized remote-control systems.
The president added, “We have been proudly supplying antenna solutions to leading telecom companies for over 20 years. We have more than one million high-quality antennas around the world. Our people are our greatest asset, and our highly skilled and talented team is ready to collaborate in your projects. “

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LG Electronics take the 1st place in ‘telematics’ for three consecutive years

LG Electronics, South Korea’s No. 2 electronics company, became a company that took the No. 1 position in the global market share of ‘telematics,’ an essential component of autonomous vehicles, for three consecutive years.

Telematics is a component that uses a kind of communicat ions t echnology and faci l itates communication with the outside as it is installed inside vehicles. The part provides several services such as an automatic vehicle location system, vehicle remote diagnosis and traffi c information, with the 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) platform featuring Internet access functionality in vehicles are gett ing the limelight as a key component of Connected Cars in the future.

The company took competitive advantage of its vehicle components division as telematics in its first quarter (Q1) report recently released. According to SA, a market research institution, its market share in the telematics global market came to 30.1 percent and 30.3 percent in 2013 and 2014, respectively. The figures place it in the No. 1 position in the global market.

Since the launch of the vehicle components division in July 2013, the company released the market share of telematics for the first time. The company was followed by U.S.-based Harman with 15 percent and Japan-base Denso with 10 percent in 2014. The market share of LG Electronics was estimated at 26.2 percent in Q1 this year in the global telematics market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods