Valloy’s Innovative Digital Printing Solution Fuels the Evolution of Various Industries means Value Alloyers. VALLOY Inc. is Korean Venture company established in July, 2004. The company has founded by international marketing professionals and digital imaging professionals who have tens of year experience in development and marketing for various digital printing solutions including software, device, machinery, consumables and substrates in signage printing, textile printing, interior decoration and label & packaging Industry.
The company aims to provide innovative and remarkable things in digital printing industry. What we provide should be the most user-friendly and acceptable product and solution, breathing together with our customers.
We will provide most demanding products in the market based on in-depth market research that we are conducting in the worldwide market through the vast network of experienced and prestigious partners, to grow together with our customers. Also, we help our customer and our customer’s customer use the most advanced technology in the easiest and the most cost-effective way with utilizing our inherent unique technologies covering software, firmware, hardware, mechanics and electronics.
VALLOY performs research and marketing globally by fusion of different innovative technologies in software, electronics, chemicals and mechanics, for the product development and publishing in the pinpointed market demand. It supplies the most advanced and cost-effective products and solutions in 5 sections of digital printing solutions – Signage, Textile, Decoration, Label&Pack and Industrial.
Digital printing technology is widely applied to various industrial fields nowadays. VALLOY incorporation provides adequate customized digital printing solution for different industries, like printed electronics, bio-printing, specialty fluid printing, semi-3D texturing as well as signage, textile, decoration, label & package printing industries, with the slogan of “we fuel the evolution of ever changing industries with digital printing”. VALLOY Incorporation is certified as ‘the promising export firm in Korea’, ‘Authorized exporter for FTA’, ‘MAINBIZ : Management Innovation Business’ and ‘AEO : Authorized Economic Operator’ as a global technology solution publishing company.


Digital Multi-Blade die cutter, DUOBLADE S

Digital finishing of roll labels helps on-demand production of labels in real commercial mini rolls to apply in the field immediately.
Valloy’s new DuoBlade S is ideal cost-effective solution with max. 5 meters/min speed of production, with using max. 4 blades at the same time. Short run production of different designs of labels can be done easily and promptly.
DuoBlade S supports TCP/IP communication, USB slot for portable memory, Individual pressure controlled cutting heads, new touch screen and long-label cutting function.
This is all-inclusive machine with laminator, slitter and matrix remover equipped together.


ANYTRON ANY002 label printer and rip software

New Anytron roll label printer has eye-catching aero dynamic design with providing intuitive operational interface.It supports continuous labels and precut labels with black mark sensor, gap sensor and back mark sensor. Any002 can product 5,000 color labels within 2 hours with perfect color matching.
Output from Any002 is strong and durable enough to get BS5609 Certification for chemical drum use under tough environment. If you want on-demand production of short run labels in commercial level of quality, Any002 will be the right choice. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods