Total Automotive Engineering Services’s major business areas
– Powertrain development, Vehicle engineering, Big data management, Fuel consumption analysis and improvement

[INQ. NO. 2006E11] TENERGY Co., Ltd., as a leading automotive engineering consultancy services provider, offers an extensive portfolio of leading technology and superior consulting services, as well as next-generation solutions.
Powertrain development is one of TENERGY’s main engineering services and the company offers detailed and flexible solutions for the development as total program or selected services.
TENERGY’s engine development is carried out to cover gasoline engines, diesel engines, industrial engines, and engines for drones (two-stroke, four-stroke,wankel).
TENERGY is engaged in the transmission development of manual T/M, auto T/M, DCT, and multi-speed gearbox for EVs.
The vehicle engineering of TENERGY provides various engineering services for vehicle development and production based on engineering know-how and program management capability. TENERGY is competent in carrying out vehicle-design and validation (including prototype for test & validation), simultaneous engineering, tool & equipment development and manufacturing engineering. Through close collaboration with powertrain engineering, TENERGY creates competitive vehicle in terms of performance, cost, fuel efficiency, etc.
Big data analysis and management are essential to process huge amounts of test data. Under the TENERGY’s big data management system, all information and data for the test drives can be found through the company intranet via a clearly arranged web dashboard independent of time, location and platform and can be used for analyses.
EFDM (Energy Flow-Down Method) of TENERGY can analyze the fuel consumption and contribution of each component and ECU/TCU control data through system approach, and the client can have a complete view of the quantitative fuel consumption and contribution of each component. In addition, the client can identify the weak and strong points against target vehicles and understand how top makers optimize every component and control data. And, as the final outcome, the client can implement short, mid and long-term catch-up plans at the most efficient cost.

Major Clients
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