True Wireless Earphones with a Charging Speaker Case[INQ. NO. 1907E12] CRESYN Co., Ltd. recently released the world’s first charging speaker case under the brand name, PHIATON BOLT BT700. It is a product composed of a wireless earphone charger and a Bluetooth speaker.
This product is already gaining a reputation in terms of technology innovation and design-excellency by winning prizes such as the 2019 CES innovation award, and the 2019 red dot design award. Last year, on Kickstart, a global crowd funding site, it achieved its successful funding goal in October and it continued its record move at Wadiz, a domestic crowd funding site, where it collected KRW tens of thousands within ten minutes of public appearance only.
PHIATON BOLT (BT 700) allows users to enjoy music anytime by using a wireless earphone and also to enjoy music together with someone by using a Bluetooth speaker.
It is the world’s smallest size of full-range driver. By using a special aluminum tympanum, it can replay full band high-quality resolution. The technology, which is to be patented soon, overcame the weaknesses of other existing models over external impact.
By applying a TSD antenna, the only technology used in PHIATON brand, this product supports stable wireless connection, and users can thus enjoy music and calls without interruption. With the adoption of two high-performance MEMS mikes, surrounding noises are eliminated, thereby providing clearer reception.
The rightfit + earwing provides a stable and comfortable wearable feeling in any circumstances. And IPx4 class waterproof function is supported so that user can use it on a rainy day and in a sweaty situation without any problem. With a touch sensor and two buttons, it allows the user to control the volume, and change the music title.
This supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version. Users can use it for five consecutive hours in spite of its light weight (6.5g) and small size. The supported charging speaker case enables charging three more times, thus allowing it to be used for up to twenty hours. And the user through the quick-charging function can use it for nearly an hour by charging it for fifteen minutes only.
CRESYN plans to make more aggressive moves into the potentially attractive overseas market following domestic advances this year in order to become a global leader in this field. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods