Mobile Wireless Vulnerability Checking Solution[INQ. NO. 1804E15] NORMA was established in 2011 under the philosophy that “Everyone should be able to use wireless network conveniently and safely.”
“Secure Wi-Fi Module” is based on NORMA’s philosophy and is designed to protect people around the world from wireless hacking threats. It does not protect users with simple password verification function, but rather secures wireless network sequentially from pre-Wi-Fi access to the end of Wi-Fi connection. In order to provide safe Wi-Fi service to users, secure Wi-Fi Module is also installed in the latest model of the global No.1 smartphone maker.
AtEar is the world’s first mobile wireless vulnerability checking solution that has transformed the paradigm of wireless security. AtEar provides enterprise wireless network security with detailed wireless monitoring and advanced vulnerability analysis, and provides customized wireless security guidance based on global policy such as ISO 27001 and PCI/DSS. In addition, AtEar Mobile, which is specialized for unauthorized AP detection and removal, and AtEar Server, an integrated management server, make wireless security management systematically available without a high level of expertise.
Since the age of IoT, wireless threats have caused security breaches not only in companies but also through hacking of CCTV and smart devices. Assets and life will be potential targets in the near future.
NORMA has developed “IoTCare,” a universal solution for securing IoT devices and wireless networks from anywhere. IoTCare is a new concept IoT vaccine that is responsible for IoT security in various smart industrial areas with IoT device embedded with a security module.

Since it can be applied to various fields such as connected cars and health care, the company is currently discussing business collaboration with global automobile manufacturers to strengthen the security of IVI systems, and it is being installed in generalized IoT devices such as set-top box and is exported to China.
NORMA will ensure that everyone can use the wireless network safely and securely, based on proven technology from the Korean military, to power plants, and police, as well as domestic and overseas partners. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Solution Provider for RF Remote Controller, Wireless Communication and Connectivity

Solution Provider[INQ. NO. 1404E38] Gary Choi, president founder of TechXen Inc in 2011, brings with him more than 27 years of semiconductor industry experience from GCT Semiconductor and the LSI division of Samsung based on elite education and training from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and ChungAng University. His vice president has an equally impressive background from Ubicon and Samsung as well as a Ph.D. in electronic engineering from Illinois University.

Their markets and applications are in areas like RF4CE remote controller, RF remote controller, wireless sensor network, wireless control, wireless network and others.

Its products and solutions are just as superior, with areas like 2.4GHz RF IC integrated system in package chip, 2.4Hz RF antenna and wireless application board and software.

Its design services focus on wireless control, monitoring and sensor network applications. Moreover, they are also involved in smart energy and mobile, two outstanding areas for future growth. For its design services, some of its core technologies are sectors like software design, system in package, application software and wireless protocol. For its target applications, it highlights sectors like CE, smart grid and others. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods