FTTx and Mobile Backhaul Solutions

[INQ. NO. 1306E02] DASAN Networks has opened up a new era in the broadband access network and offered the most innovative solutions to customers. This provider differentiates networking solution offerings based on its indepth consumer understanding with a strong focus on R&D activities.
DASAN Networks FTTx Solutions are designed for service providers to deliver ideal bandwidth solution to fulfill customers’ growing demands. Customers will enjoy high bandwidth applications ranging from fast Internet access to interactive multimedia services, video on demand and voice communication through dedicated optical fiber infrastructure. While deriving their strength and stability from universally deployed and proven Ethernet technology, DASAN Networks products simplify and reduce the cost and maintenance challenges of existing FTTx technologies.



V8240(G-PON OLT with Multi-service Chassis)

19DASAN Networks’ V8240 is a 7 RU height chassis based GPON OLT system which is comprised of 14 slots for 10 service modular units, 2 uplink modular units, 2 switching fabric units to deliver a wide range of full-featured and high-performance over FTTx applications. It is a high-density chassis system that supports up to 2,560 residential and business subscribers with 40 G-PON ports (1:64 split ratio). It also provides simultaneous services of G-PON and Gigabit Ethernet.
V8240 features flexible and high capacity G-PON access and 10GbE uplinks, scalability and line rate performance with a 296Gbps non-blocked switch fabric.
V8240 guarantees equipment-level reliability with full redundancy design concept of SFU/Power/G-PON ports.
This is a substantial factor for aggregation switches to perform continuous traffic forwarding to core network without failure. The PON technology adds new features and functionality targeted at improving performance and
interoperability, and adds support for new applications, services, and deployment scenarios.

H640GW(GPON Gigabit ONT with VoIP & Wi-Fi Service) 



20To deliver triple-play services to the subscriber in Fiberto- the-Home or Fiber-to-the-Premises application, the GPON ONT H640GW incorporates interoperability, key customers’ specific requirements and cost-efficiency.
The H640GW provides one GPON uplink port plus four Gigabit Ethernet(10/100/1000Base-T) ports,wireless interface and two FXS voice ports that enhance the ability to deliver demanding VoIP/Wi-Fi services. Equipped with ITU-T G.984 compliant 2.5G Downstream and 1.25G Upstream GPON interface, the H640GW supports the full Triple Play of services including voice, video, and high speed internet access.
The H640GW contains both built-in wirespeed L2 switch and L3 routing gateway with port forwarding, NAT and NAPT address translation,PPPoE client support for high speed Internet service.



M3100(Carrier Ethernet Switch for Mobile Backhaul)



21DASAN Networks’ M3100 is a 2.5RU height chassis type Mobile Backhaul Pre-Service Aggregation Router optimized for expanding network.
It provides four SIU (Service Interface Unit) slots and two NIU (Network Interface Unit) slots.
Through the SIUs, the user can configure the unit according to the network environment by using 6-port 100/1000Base-X (SFP) or 10/100/1000Base- T (RJ45), which can be used selectively as downlink. On the
NIU slot, the uplink interface module having two 10GBase- R (SFP+) ports is mounted. And the M3100 provides two PSU (Power Supply Unit) slots where DC power module
can be mounted. This ensures equipment-level reliability with power module redundancy architecture.


M2200(Mobile Backhaul Pre-Service Aggregation Router)



22DASAN Networks’ M2200 is a 1U height single-board Mobile Backhaul Pre-Service Aggregation Router optimized for expanding network.
It provides one CIU (Clock Interface Unit) and four IU(Interface Unit) slots. Through the IUs, the user can configure the unit according to the network environment by using 100/1000 Base-X(SFP), 10GbE (SFP+),
100/1000Base-T (RJ45) or TDM (RJ45), which can be used selectively as uplink or downlink. On the CIU slot, the module having SMA, TOD and BITS ports is mounted for clock synchronization.
And the M2200 provides 2PSU (Power Supply Unit) slots where DC or AC power module can be mounted. This ensures equipment-level reliability with power module redundancy architecture.


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